erin fairchilde fashion paper dolls

by Elaine Shants

This large-format paper doll book (13 1/2 inches wide by 12 inches tall) was printed in 1983 by Riverside Press of Dallas, Texas. The illustrator, Elaine Shants, also did two series of paper dolls for International Doll World magazine, one on Madame Alexander Dolls in 1988-1989, and one on Famous Women in 1990-1991. This book is her only non-magazine paper doll.

erin fairchilde is a line of upscale children's clothing. Although the paper doll book is relatively modern, it is very hard to find because it was only sold through the boutiques which carried erin fairchilde fashions. It was never distributed through bookstores, doll stores, conventions, mail order, or other traditional paper doll venues.

I bought this copy at a boutique in 1985. The artist has confirmed that the book is no longer in print and will not be reprinted. These scans are made available with her permission.

Click on each picture to go to a 150 dpi image, then right-click on that image to save it to disk. The pages can be printed on letter-sized paper in landscape orientation at 79%. Or you can use an image editor like Photoshop to separate out individual figures or costumes onto separate pages and print at full scale.

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