The Ginghams Paper Doll Book

1976, Whitman #1985

illustrated by Susan Morris

Front Cover

Dolls (Inside Front)

Dolls (Inside Back)

Back Cover

Click on the small images to open a page-sized image (150 dpi, 1200 x 1545 pixels) in its own window.
The original book is 10 inches wide by 12 3/4 inches tall. Use your printer's Fit to Page option to print these pages on paper of your choice.


Dolls and furniture should be printed on card stock, as heavy as your printer will accomodate.

Since the images can be quite small when reduced to fit on letter-sized paper, I have redistributed the dolls, clothes and play pieces to fit on more pages, so that they can be printed at a larger scale. (I have also constructed reverse sides for some of the play pieces, so that you can make them double-sided if you wish.)

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