Vector Art Strawberry Shortcake

This paper doll is a change of pace. Instead of a scan, it is a paper doll I created myself using Adobe Illustrator. Although it is based on reference photographs, all the shading is done entirely in vectors, using gradient meshes, a grid-like construction where colors are assigned to grid crossings. (Photorealism isn't my usual style of drawing, since the more real it looks, the less personality it has. I prefer using colored pencils, and did this mostly just to teach myself how to do it.) For those interested in how it is done, here is a link to another page showing some construction details.

The pages I'm providing here have been exported as jpeg images at 150 dpi, so they are not crisply scalable the way a vector drawing is. But the drawings are so detailed that putting the vector art online is impractical. (The cover, for example, is 334K as a jpeg, but 1.9 MB as a native Illustrator file, and 4.5 MB as a vector PDF.)

Click on a small image to view a full page size image suitable for printing.

This is a work in progress. More clothes will be added as they are completed. (I'm working on the Party Pleaser dress.)

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