Gifts from "Christmas Morning" Centerpiece

These two dolls were part of a table centerpiece that I made for the 1988 "Christmas in July" paper doll convention in Ohio. The set also includes a double-sided doll of a young girl, and some double-sided clothes for her, plus a 3-D foldup sled. I no longer have the original of this set, since the table centerpieces are given away as prizes. I made color photocopies of it before taking it to the convention, but color copy technology in 1988 was very poor, so all the light colors dropped out except yellow, while the midrange reds became very saturated, making the copies yellow and grainy. I've restored some of the original colors in Photoshop to these two dolls, but I have not yet restored the other pieces.

Click on an image to open a high-quality printable version in a new window (200 dpi, 1200 x 900 pixels for Kirsten, 990 x 740 pixels for the bear.)

If anyone has contact information for whoever won this table centerpiece, I would be very grateful for that info!

I can be reached on Facebook, or by email at

In 2004, I used these two paper dolls as the basis for trading cards in the Paper Doll Artists Yahoo group exchange.

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