Relatives of Truby Petitt and Florence Hall of Rowan County, Kentucky
Compiled by Teri Pettit

These linked family group sheets are generated by Reunion, from my database of over 7,000 direct and collateral maternal relatives.

They include all the known ancestors of my mother's parents, Charles Valentine Grisso and Ople Mae (Figert) Grisso, descendants of those ancestors, and allied families. Almost all of my mother's ancestors were German Baptist Brethren, who came to Pennsylvania from Germany or Switzerland in the early 1700's, and migrated in family groups to western Virginia, southwest Ohio (Montgomery, Clark, Clermont and Miami counties), and finally northeastern Indiana (Wabash, Kosciusko, Hamilton, and Madison counties).

Surnames with more than 40 individuals represented in the database include Arnold, Barnhart, Blocher, Bollinger, Brubaker, Ebersole, Figert, Flora/Flory, Garber, Garst/Gerst, Grisso, Heeter, Hoffman/Huffman, Miller, Ohmart, Peters, Weaver, Wertz, Zook, and Zug.

Privacy Policy
Out of respect for the privacy of living individuals, all dates, locations and notes have been removed from the family group sheets for anyone born after 1925 and not known to have died. These individuals are indicated on the web pages by the comment "(Data Omitted for Privacy)" following their name.

Since Reunion does not append the privacy comment to people with no birthdate entered into the database, in almost all cases of people so marked I do have additional information. If you send me email describing your relationship to the family, I can mail you a more complete family group sheet.
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