This is a no-frills list of a few pictures and picture categories

My lovely and talented daughter
Kitty Pictures
At Lake Merritt with my daughter, July 2008 (Facebook photo album)
Tonner Doll Convention, May 2008 (Facebook photo album)
Visit with my parents, May 30-June 1, 2008 (Facebook photo album)
Visit to L.A. with BwB friends, April 2008
NorCal BwB karaoke event, February 2008
Tiffany and Kitties together, Jan 2008
NorCal BwB meetup, December 2007
Hatted Feet 2007   (for Naked Hatted Avatar Week at
Touching Feet 2007
Halloween Dolls 2006
Christmas Photos 2003
Cutoffs 1974
Alice and the Mad Hatter, Halloween 1976  (photo taken by Doug Hofstadter)
with Joe Montana 1982
Egypt 1984
MacWorld September 1990
Kentucky 1993
The difference 24 years make (1984 and 2008)
Magenta at Adobe Halloween Costume Contest 2002
Smashed Car 2000     (I still have scars from this crash)
Our basement band room, December 2007
Adobe Headquarters Architecture


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