Front Cover

Simon and Schuster, 1954

illustrated by Hilda Miloche

This book was published in October 1954, in time for the holiday gift season, and advertised in McCall's magazine. It contains 4 punchout pages of dolls and play pieces, 6 costume pages, and 26 story pages, many of which function as play scenes for the dolls. The inside pages are 11 by 8.75 inches. The front and back covers are 11.5 by 9 inches and serve as storage envelopes.

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Back Cover

Inside Front Cover

The pages have not yet been cleaned (except a bit), but I was so excited about finally finding this book uncut, after six years of searching for it, that I could not resist putting it online to share immediately. Cleaned and brightened images will follow as time permits. (I do not recommend printing the pages with the cream-colored backgrounds unless you are willing to use a lot of ink.)

Inside Back Cover

(I have displayed the costume pages before the story pages, although in the book they are in the back.)

Betsy McCall
The First Ten Years


Paper Doll Land