Cox Cemetery

Trent Ridge, Rowan County, Kentucky

Location of Cemetery:

From Morehead, Rt. 32 East past Elliottville to Wagner Store (Rt. 32 & Rt. 173). Continue on Rt. 32 0.6 miles to Trent Ridge Road. Right on Trent Ridge Road about 2.7 miles to end of the road. Left on Jason Trent Cemetery Road 0.7 miles to end of the road, down a steep hill.

Laid to Rest here:

Cox, Abigail 30 May 1870 30 Nov 1947 SS  
Cox, Anna Mae 18 Jul 1914 10 Jul 1915 SS  
Cox, Choster 28 Mar 1922 01 Dec 1923 SS Son of Henry & Meda Cox
Cox, Ollie J. 06 Mar 1921 31 Mar 1921 DS Brother, Child of Lother & Stella Cox
Cox, Genevie 11 Dec 1918 22 Mar 1921 DS Sister, Child of Lother & Stella Cox
Cox, John M. 27 May 1869 07 May 1948 SS  
Cox, Theemon 29 Nov 1902 02 Sep 1931 SS  
Cox, W. Solomon
Cox, Pearlie J.
08 Nov 1874
13 May 1882
22 Dec 1945
19 Jul 1956
DS : H
DS : W
[Husband of Pearlie J. Cox]
[Wife of W. Solomon Cox]
Cox, William Emory 11 Sep 1909 08 Jul 1910 SS  
Crose, Eugene 12 Dec 1930 16 Jan 1931 SS  
Mabry, Martha C. 31 Aug 1899 18 Mar 1919 SS Wife of A. J. Mabry

Note: A number of unmarked grave sites were noted.


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Source of Information:

Personal records, Funeral Homes and inventory of the cemetery.


The Historical Society and specifically the Cemetery Committee, wishes to acknowledge and extend a special thanks to Dewie E. Black for his work in inventorying this cemetery on July 6, 1997.

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