Social Security Death Index for Rowan County, KY


This group of pages contains the result of searching the 1994 edition of the Social Security death index CD's for either last residence zip or benefit payment zip being one of the five zip codes for Rowan County, KY, then merging the resulting reports. Since approximately 30% of the entries in the CD have no zip code entered in either field, this will not cover everyone on the CD's who died in Rowan Co. But it is a good start. The Social Security Death Index CD's contain everyone whose death was reported to the Social Security office. Since until recently, it was not required to report deaths to the Social Security office unless death benefit payments were requested, the Index is missing many people who died without surviving beneficiaries.

There is also an error in the Social Security Death Index which causes all surnames from BUR through BY to have very weird dates, such as b. 68-93-1112 d. 09-73-1110. The only pattern I can detect on these dates is that the "year" part is always between 1010 and 1122, but the birth is sometimes greater and sometimes less than the death, so it is not simply a matter of every date being off by a constant interval. If anyone reading this knows an algorithm for determining the real dates from the incorrect dates for this range of entries, please email me at

Rowan County Zip Codes

CLEARFIELD     40313
FARMERS        40319
HALDEMAN       40329
MOREHEAD       40351

Column Key

The columns of the table have the format:

SURNAME, Given         birth date  death date  SS number  SI r-zip b-zip RC


SI = state Social Security number was issued in
RC = residence code of last reported residence (usually the state)
r-zip = zip code of last reported residence
b-zip = zip code to which death benefit or survivor benefit payments were last sent

Since the index is quite long (2,731 names), I have broken it into one web page per letter to make browsing for specific surnames faster. If you intend to print or save the whole index, though, you may prefer to take the time to load the entire index as a single page.

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