Rowan County, Kentucky

Location of Cemetery:

From Morehead, Rt. 32 East to Wagner Store (Rt. 32 & Rt. 173). Right (South) on Rt. 173, 4.3 miles to Rt. 711. Right on Rt. 711, 0.75 mile to the cemetery.

Laid to Rest here:

Davis, Henderson 15 Nov 1874 28 Jul 1908 SS  
Fraley, Elmer 1909 1990 SS  
Hitch, John 04 Aug 1884 01 Aug 1969 SS : W [Husband] We will meet again
Hitch, Rosie 12 May 1889 02 Mar 1957 SS : H [Wife of John Hitch]
Kidd, Marion 1892 [      ] SS  
Kidd, Mary 1893 1978 SS  
Ratliff, James Harlan
Ratliff, Delpha Jane
14 Mar 1882
12 Aug 1881
31 Jul 1959
20 Mar 1957
DS : H
DS : W
Though lost to sight to memory sound
She was the sunshine of our home
Ratliff, Fred
Ratliff, Lexie
24 Apr 1915
24 Jul 1916
[      ]
21 Jan 1977
DS : H
DS : W
[Husband of Lexie Hitch]
[Wife of Fred Ratliff] Great love lives on
Thomas, Ed
Thomas, Jane
[      ]
DS : H
DS : W
[Husband of Jane Thomas]
[Wife of Ed Thomas]

Note: Three unmarked grave sites.


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Source of Information:

Personal records, Funeral Homes and inventory of the cemetery.


The Historical Society and specifically the Cemetery Committee, wishes to acknowledge and extend a special thanks to Dewie E. Black, Betty Sharp & Ethel J. Jones for their work in inventorying this cemetery on July 8, 1977.

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