Rowan County, Kentucky

Location of Cemetery:

From Morehead, East on Rt. 32 (Christy Creek) to Lower Caney Road, near the Elliott County line. Left on Lower Caney Road to R. Kidd Road, left on R. Kidd Road 0.5 mile to the cemetery at the end of the road. (A partially graveled grassy lane on the Ray Kidd Farm.)

Global Position:    N 38° 10.438'    W 83° 12.874'

Flem Jones Cemetery:

Name   Born     Died   Stone Notes
Jennings, Sarah Bell 15 May 1876 19 Dec 1960 SS  
Johnson, Becky [Lowe] 1886 1966 Plq [Wife of 1. Geo Lowe, 2. Geo Johnson]
[Also listed as buried with George Lowe]
Jones, Calvin B.

Jones, Mary S.
20 Jun 1880

14 Oct 1879
20 Dec 1920

11 Mar 1919
DS : H

DS : W
[Husband of Mary S Jones]
[Son of Flem & Derina Jones]
[Wife of Calvin B. Jones]
Jones, Derina [Bair] 7 Jan 1842 18 May 1916 SS [Wife of W. F. Jones]
[Jones, William Fleming "Flem"] - - UNMARKED [Husband of Derina Jones]
[Son of Isaac Newton & Nancy Jane [McDaniel] Jones]
Lambert, Vernia Holbrook 9 Oct 1899 18 Oct 1923 SS  
Lowe, George W.

Lowe, S. Rebecca [Jones]


DS : H

DS : W
[Husband of S Rebecca Lowe]
[Son of Andrew Lowe]
[Wife of George W. Lowe]
[Daughter of Flem & Derina Jones]
Lowe, John E. [Elbert] 16 May 1915 9 Dec 1953 SS "CPL 694 Field Arty BN WWII"
McDaniel, Frank 11 Apr 1865 31 Dec 1956 SS [Brother to William T. McDaniel]
McDaniel, William T. 9 Feb 1853 11 Apr 1925 SS [Husband of Polly Jane Cox McDaniel]
"72 yrs, 2.."
[Son of John McDaniel & Sarah Conley]
McDaniel, Polly Jane [Cox] 28 Mar 1854 16 Oct 1939 SS [Wife of William T. McDaniel]


Unmarked (1) by Sarah Bell Jennings.
Unmarked (1) by Calvin & Mary Jones.
Unmarked (1) by George Lowe.
Unmarked (13) by Becky Lowe Johnson.
Unmarked (1) believed to be Taylor Jones.
Unmarked (1) believed to be __ Bair Jones.
Unmarked (2) by George & Rebecca Jones (believed to be Dorothy Lowe, their daughter, & Leonard Lowe, son).


This cemetery listing is authored by the Rowan County Kentucky Historical Society. It is one of over 375 cemetery surveys available in book or CD format from the Society.

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Source of Information:

Survey of the cemetery.


The Historical Society and specifically the Cemetery Committee, wishes to acknowledge and extend a special thanks to Merrill Lowe, Dana Mathews and Betty Sharp all of Morehead, Kentucky for surveying this cemetery on 24 Sep 1998, and to Dewie E. Black of LaBelle, Florida and Pamela Ulbrich Lasher of Grand Rapids, Michigan for the documentation.

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