Elliottville, Rowan County, Kentucky

Location of Cemetery:

From Morehead, east on US-60 to Rt. 32 East (Christy Creek Road), east on Rt. 32, 10.2 miles to Kegley Road, turn right, 1.1 miles to Kegley Cemetery Road, to the right up the hill about 100 ft to the cemetery.

Global Position:    N 38° 09.265'    W 83° 15.243'

Kegley Cemetery:

Name   Born     Died   Stone Notes
Adkins, James F. 5 Jan 1867 9 Sep 1926 DS :   [with Martha M. Adkins]
Adkins, Martha M. 15 Nov 1885 4 Dec 1971 DS :   [with James F. Adkins]
Bowling, Chester 27 Jan 1926 27 Jan 1926 SS "Son of Cecil & Peachie Bowling"
Bowling, Edward 10 Mar 1933 27 Jan 1934 SS "Son of Cecil & Peachie Bowling"
DeHart, Martin
DeHart, Cora J.
26 July 1879
1 Mar 1886
29 Apr 1954
2 Sep 1967
DS : H
DS : W
[Husband of Cora J. DeHart]
[Wife of Martin DeHart]
Fraley, Cora 1886 1944 SS "Mother"
Johnson, Eddie 28 Jun 1896 11 Jun 1947 SS [Husband of May Johnson] "Pvt WWI"
Johnson, May 19 May 1893 31 May 1924 SS [Wife of Eddie Johnson]
Johnson, Edward (Jr) 31 Jan 1936 1 Jul 1937 SS "Son of Eddie & Ruby Johnson"
Johnson, France 20 Sep 1860 8 Sep 1946 SS [Husband of Eliza Johnson]
Johnson, Eliza 20 Mar 1864 20 Sep 1864 SS [Wife of France Johnson]
Johnson, Randall Lee 3 Jan 1956 4 Jan 1956 SS  
Kegley, Ballard J. 17 Jan 1896 24 Sep 1951 SS [Husband of Dora Kegley]
Kegley, Elbertia 20 Dec 1922 20 Dec 1922 SS "Son of Ballard & Dora L. Kegley"
Kegley, James Bias 10 May 1892 19 Mar 1956 SS  
Kegley, Lovirda 1924 1980 MKR  
Kegley, Lovirda 8 Jan 1959 17 Jan 1959 MKR "9 days old"


Unmarked (1) by J. Kegley
Unmarked (4) in next row
Unmarked (2) by B. Kegley
Unmarked (1) by E. Bowling
2 stones with marbles around them, names not readable
Unmarked (5) by M. Adkins
Unmarked (6) by J. Adkins


This cemetery listing is authored by the Rowan County Kentucky Historical Society. It is one of over 375 cemetery surveys available in book or CD format from the Society.

Page design and graphics by Teri Pettit. The titling font used in the cemetery name plaques is Adobe Trajan Bold, designed by Carol Twombly.

Source of Information:

Survey of the cemetery.


The Historical Society and specifically the Cemetery Committee, wishes to acknowledge and extend a special thanks to James Lightfoot and Dana Mathews both of Morehead, Kentucky for surveying this cemetery on January 31, 1998, and to Dewie E. Black of LaBelle, Florida for the documentation.

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