Rowan County, Kentucky

Location of Cemetery:

From Morehead: Rt. 519 to Rt. 801, right 0.9 mile to Rt. 1274, left (S) on Rt. 1274 2.7 miles to Mt. Hope Cemetery Road, 0.1 mile.

Laid to Rest here:

Harris, Almeda McKinney 1923 1977 SS  
McKinney, Adrian 14 Jul 1920 28 Mar 1944 SS "S Sgt Army Air Force, WWII"
McKinney, E. H. [      ] [      ]   [Small stone, no dates]
McKinney, Emma H. 1899 1989 DS  
McKinney, Mollie S. 1894 1944 DS  
McKinney, L. S. [      ] [      ]   [Small stone, no dates]
McKinney, W. D. "Dick"
McKinney, Fay D.
[      ]
DS : H
DS : W
[Husband of Fay D. McKinney]
[Wife of W. D. McKinney]
Ramey, Mandy J. 6 May 1918 25 Jan 1919 SS "Daug. of Mr. & Mrs. Claud Ramey"
Slaton, Joseph
Slaton, Martha A.
15 Feb 1886
24 Dec 1886
14 Apr 1966
13 Jun 1962
DS : H
DS : W
[Husband of Martha A. Slaton]
[Wife of Joseph Slaton]
Staton, Homer Denton 1 Jul 1914 26 Oct 1996 SS  
Staton, Mayme K. Pettit 28 Jan 1933 3 Aug 1997 SS  
Sweeney, [No given name] [      ] [      ]   [Unmarried child of Henry Sweeney]
Sweeney, [No given name] [      ] [      ]   [Unmarried child of Henry Sweeney]
Sweeney, [No given name] [      ] [      ]   [Unmarried child of Henry Sweeney]
Sweeney, [No given name] [      ] [      ]   [Unmarried child of Henry Sweeney]
Sweeney, Ervin [      ] [      ]   [Uncle of Corda Foster, who verified
Sweeney, Everett 1906 1935 SS  
Sweeney, Isabelle 1868 1946 SS  
Sweeney, James 1864 1928 SS  
Sweeney, James D. 1935 1953 SS  
Wallace, Lloyd 7 Apr 1933 28 Oct 1993 SS [Son of Pearl Corda Foster]
Wallace, Pearl Sweeney 17 Jul 1902 14 Oct 1949 SS  

Note: Eleven unmarked grave sites identified.


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Source of Information:

Personal records, Funeral Homes and inventory of the cemetery.


The Historical Society and specifically the Cemetery Committee, wishes to acknowledge and extend a special thanks to Betty Sharp, Sue Epperhart, Carda Foster and Ethel Jones, all of Rowan County, for their work in inventorying this cemetery on July 10, 1997.

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