Hamm, Rowan County, Kentucky

Location of Cemetery:

From Morehead, Rt. 519 to Clearfield, left on Rt. 1167 12.0 miles to Scaggs-Ison Cemetery Road, left 0.3 miles to the cemetery, which is not well kept.

Laid to Rest here:

Name Born Died Stone Notes
Scaggs, Annie 31 Jan 1914 31 Jan 1914 SS : D "Daughter of Harlin & Syntha Scaggs"
Scaggs, D. D.

Scaggs, Paulina
12 Jan 1853

1 Feb 1856
19 Jan 1923

27 Jul 1911
DS : H

DS : W
[Husband of Paulina (Ison) Scaggs]
[Son of John Scaggs & Polly Fyffe]
[Wife of Daniel D. Scaggs]
Scaggs, Harlin 8 Feb 1888 18 Dec 1954
[death certificate says 1951]
SS "Ohio PVT 17 Inf"
[Son of D. D. & Paulina Scaggs]
[Husband of Syntha (Caudill) Scaggs]
Scaggs, Myrtle 8 Nov 1921 10 Jul 1938 SS "Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jonah Scaggs"
Scaggs, Six Infants - - - "Six infants of Mr. & Mrs. Jonah Scaggs"
Workman, Ada Mae 12 Feb 1920 11 Sep 1920 SS [Daughter of Nathan Workman & Viola (Scaggs) Workman]
Workman, Carrie Belle 5 Feb 1917 5 Feb 1917 SS [Daughter of Nathan Workman & Viola (Scaggs) Workman]
Workman, Monroe 30 Nov 1946 5 Dec 1946 SS [Son of Allie Virgil Workman & Stella (Kidd) Workman]

Note: Five (5) unmarked stones


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Source of Information:

Inventory of the cemetery. Some information in brackets from Rowan Co. marriage records, Lawrence Co. Ky birth records, and obituaries.


The Historical Society and specifically the Cemetery Committee, wishes to acknowledge and extend a special thanks to Dewie E. Black of LaBelle, Florida for his work in inventorying this cemetery on September 1, 1997, and for providing the documentation.

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