Cranston Road, Rowan County, Kentucky

Location of Cemetery:

From Morehead, Rt. 32 west to Rt. 377 (Cranston Road), right on hill just before the Caudill cemetery, on the left side of the road.

Stigall Cemetery #1:

Name Born Died Stone Notes
Cooper, Jammie
Cooper, Martha
26 Feb 1887
7 Nov 1890
8 Jul 1959
9 Nov 1983
DS : H
DS : W
[Husband of Martha Cooper]
[Wife of Jammie Cooper]
Sparks, Phyliss Ann 9 Jun 1959 20 Mar 1960 SS  
Steagall, Little Billie 24 Jul 1932 12 Jul 1934 SS  
Steagall, Hobart A.
Steagall, Wicie
DS : H
DS : W
[Husb of Wicie Steagall]
[Wife of Hobart A. Steagall]
Steagall, Jessee, Jr. 20 Oct 1887 19 Dec 1955 SS "Ky US Army MG Co. 334 Inf. WWI"
Steagall, Jessee, Sr. 23 Nov 1827 28 Sep 1904 SS : H [Husband of Martha Stigall]
Steagall, Martha Jan 1832 25 Apr 1915 SS : W "Wife of Jessee Stegall, Sr"
Steagall, William
Steagall, Jane
DS : H
DS : W
[Husband of Jane Steagall]
[Wife of William Steagall]
Steagall, William Alfred 27 Feb 1902 2 Dec 1902 SS : S [Son of W. R. & Sarah J. Steagall]
Steagall, Jimmy E. 19 Mar 1943 10 Apr 1995 SS : S [Son of W. R. & Sarah J. Steagall]
Steagall, Lillie S. 16 Oct 1904 9 Apr 1923 SS : D [Daug. of W. R. & Sarah J. Steagall]
Fisher, Mary E. 17 Mar 1885 2 Aug 1914 SS : D "Daug. of W. R. & Sarah J. Stigall"
Steagall, Andy J. 4 Feb 1895 26 Dec 1896 SS : S [Son of W. R. & Sarah J. Steagall]
Stegall, Denny Thomas 16 Dec 1907 5 Apr 1953 SS  
Stigall, Dee 1935 1985 PLK  
Stigall, Eugene 1934 1996 PLK  

Note:Three (3) unmarked stones, same row as Mary E. Fisher


This cemetery listing is authored by the Rowan County Kentucky Historical Society. It is one of over 375 cemetery surveys available in book or CD format from the Society.

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Source of Information:

Inventory of the cemetery.


The Historical Society and specifically the Cemetery Committee, wishes to acknowledge and extend a special thanks to Dana Mathews and Shane Mathews of Rowan County for their work in inventorying this cemetery on July 29, 1997, and to Dewie E. Black of LaBelle, Florida for the documentation.

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