Christy Creek Road, Rowan County, Kentucky

Location of Cemetery:

From Morehead, US-60 & Rt. 32: East about 1.5 mile on US-60 to Christy Creek Road (Rt. 32 Ease), right [   ] miles on Rt. 32 to a driveway, left on this driveway about half way the hill to the cemetery. (Location instructions incomplete.)

Global Position:    N 38° 11.535'    W 83° 17.684'

White Cemetery #3:

Name   Born     Died   Stone Notes
Arnold, Andrew 27 Jul 1809 9 Jan 1886 SS  
Dawson, Jessy L. 1 Jan 1903 1 Jan 1903 SS "Son of M. A. & J. W. Dawson"
Fultz, Samey
Fultz, Elizzie
21 Jul 1855
30 Apr 1849
4 Mar 1905
DS : H
DS : W
[Husband of Elizzie Fultz]
[Wife of Samey Fultz]
Honeycut, Martha E. 30 Jan 1880 31 Oct 1896 SS "Wife of Wm. Honeycut"
Pioggia, Sylvia Katherine 28 Mar 1948 29 Aug 1998 PLQ  
Thomas, Elva 15 Nov 1877 Feb 1910 SS  
Thomas, Leonard Nov. 1907 Jan 1917 SS  
White, Isaac N. 7 Sep 1823 7 May 1848 SS  
White, Robert E. 8 Feb 1827 30 Jun 1848 SS  


Unmarked (1) at foot of Robert E. White
Unmarked (4) by Isaac N. White
Unidentified "M.S." carved on head stone by Isaac N. White
Unmarked (2) by M. S., by Isaac N. White
Unmarked (1) by Leonard Thomas
Unmarked (5) by Fultz stone
Unmarked (1) at head of Fultz stone
Unmarked (1) in lower left corner by itself
Unmarked (5) by Samey Fultz
Unmarked (3) stones by Thomas stones
Unmarked (7) scattered all over the upper side

From other sources the following burials were noted and could well be some of the unmarked graves:


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Source of Information:

Survey of the cemetery.


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