NameAbel Caudill
Birth4 Feb 1843, Letcher Co., Kentucky
Death1 Jul 1925, Rowan Co., Kentucky
BurialCaudill Cemetery, Morehead, Rowan Co., Ky
FatherSamuel ("Sammie") Caudill (1804-1883)
MotherSarah Maggard (1809-1898)
Marriage15 Nov 1866, Rowan Co., Kentucky
SpouseMary Ann Hall, GG Aunt
Birth30 Mar 1849, Morgan Co., Kentucky
Death28 Nov 1927, Rowan Co., Kentucky
BurialCaudill Cemetery, Morehead, Rowan Co., Ky
FatherGeorge Martin Hall (1827-?1899)
MotherSusannah Downing (1832-?1899)
1 MJames Caudill (Died as Child), 1C2R
Birthabt 1866, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death1870/1880, Rowan Co., Kentucky
2 MJohn T. Caudill (Twin), 1C2R
Birth14 Nov 1867, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death14 Nov 1920, Shelby Co., Kentucky
3 MRobert E. Lee Caudill (Twin), 1C2R
Birth14 Nov 1867, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death5 Jul 1930, St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co., Florida
Birth2 Apr 1869, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death14 Mar 1921, Rowan Co., Kentucky
5 MSamuel McKee Caudill (Twin), 1C2R
Birth29 Dec 1870, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death3 Jan 1949, Morehead, Rowan Co., Kentucky
6 FSarah Ann Caudill (Twin), 1C2R
Birth29 Dec 1870, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death4 Jan 1949, Lewisburg, Mason Co., Kentucky
7 FEmma Caudill, 1C2R
Birth16 Aug 1873, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death18 Feb 1922, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Birth24 Nov 1874, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death4 Apr 1936, Lebanon, Warren Co., Ohio
Birth12 Nov 1876, Minor, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death3 Jan 1959, Winter Park, Orange Co., Florida
Birth15 Jun 1878, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death17 Jul 1941, St. Paul, Ramsey Co., Minnesota
Birth2 Oct 1879, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death8 Apr 1967, Fayette Co., Kentucky
Birth29 Apr 1881, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death2 May 1967, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Co., Florida
Birth28 Apr 1883, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death6 Jul 1961, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Birth14 Jan 1885, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death7 Dec 1968, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Birth5 Jul 1886, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death9 May 1981, Franklin Co., Kentucky
Birth7 Apr 1889, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death1 May 1961, Winter Park, Florida
Notes for Abel Caudill
There is an article on the Caudill family in the 1956 Centennial Edition of the Rowan Co. News8 . It reads, in part:

"Samuel Caudill, grandfather of many of the present-day generation of Caudill's in Rowan Co., was born in Wise Co., Va. in 1804. His wife, Sarah Maggard Caudill was born there in 1809. The Samuel Caudill family moved to Troublesome Creek in Letcher Co. and then to Rowan Co. shortly after the Civil War.

Abel Caudill, their son, was a member of the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He had been born Feb. 4, 1843 in Letcher Co.

Abel was married to Mary Ann Hall on Nov. 15, 1866. They were the parents of 15 children: Robert E. and John T. Caudill (twins); Amanda Susan Caudill; Samuel M. and Sarah Caudill (twins); Emma Caudill; Lydia J. Caudill; George W. Caudill; William C. Caudill; Daniel B. Caudill; Joseph E. Caudill; David C. Caudill; Cornelius P. Caudill; Hannah M. Caudill and Watson H. Caudill.

Abel Caudill spent his entire married life in Rowan County. He raised his family on a farm at Wagoner, where he also successfully owned and operated a general store and was postmaster. He raised, bought and sold livestock, owned and operated a grist mill, flour mill and saw mill, and was one of the leaders in Rowan County's commercial life.

Abel Caudill founded the People's Bank of Morehead in 1906 and began its operation on Jan. 1, 1907. Another of his business enterprises was the Caudill-Blair Grocery Company which he organized in 1910 and which was operated until 1932.

Caudill Cemetery at the west corporation limits of Morehead, was laid out by Abel Caudill after he moved in 1910 to Clearfield. It was originally intended for a family cemetery, and a family lot for each of his children was provided by him.

He left the farm at Clearfield and moved to Morehead in his declining years, and lived here until his death on July 1, 1925.

Living members of the Abel Caudill family are: Judge Daniel B. Caudill, David C. Caudill and Cornelius P. Caudill, all bankers, and Mrs. Hannah Caudill Blair, all of Morehead; George W. Caudill, Lexington; Joseph E. Caudill, West Palm Beach, Fla.; and Watson H. Caudill, Winter Park, Fla.”

His death certificate records Abel Caudill, age 82 years 4 months 27 days, born 4 Feb 1843 in Letcher Co., Ky, died 2 July 1925 in Morehead, Rowan Co., parent fields blank, cause of death senile gangrene of right leg and left foot, informant blank, burial in Caudill Cemetery on 3 July 1925. It is a delayed certificate, filed 9 Sep 1925. The medical section says that the document, G. Nickell, attended him from May 5, 1925 to July 1, 1925.

Note the discrepancy between the date of death in the death certificate, and that in the newspaper article. His gravestone also contains the July 1, 1925 date. Since the certificate was delayed, I will go for 2 out of 3 and enter the July 1st date.
Notes for Mary Ann Hall
I cannot find her in the Kentucky death records. She may have died out of state, perhaps in Florida where several of their children moved.
Census Notes for Abel & Mary Ann (Family)
1870 census of Rowan Co., KY, p. 99, Christy Creek precinct, lists family of:
Abel Caudill, 28; Mary, 24; John, 4; James, 2; Bob Lee, 2 (twins); Amanda: 10 mo., b. July.

(Mary's age is incorrect. The names and ages of the first two sons do not match the 1880 census, see below, nor later accounts of the Abel Caudill family, which list the twins as Robert E. and John T. and do not mention any James. Probably the oldest son died young, and he was really named James, with this census being in error, but possibly the census is correct and the name John was deemed more important to preserve and the twin James was renamed when the eldest son died.)

1880 census of Rowan Co., KY, Pine Grove precinct, family #383:
Abel Caudill, 36, farmer; Mary A., 30, wife; Robert E., 12, son; John T., 12, son; Amandy S., 11, dau; Samuel M., 9, son; Sarah A., 9, dau; Emona, 6, dau; Lydia J., 5, dau; George W., 3, son; Lillian, 1, dau; Daniel B., 1/12, son. (The date of birth for Daniel B. is inconsistent with the 1900 census, but the 1900 census of Rowan Co is rife with errors. "Lillian" is almost certainly really William.)

1900 census of Rowan Co., KY, Hoggstown precinct, enumerated 19 June, lists on p. 13B as family #234:
Abel Caudill, b. Feb 1843, age 57, farmer; Mary A., b. Mar 1849, age 51; William, b. June 1878, age 21; Dan, b. Oct 1879, age 20; Joseph E., b. Apr 1881, age 19; David C., b. Apr 1883, age 17; Cornelius P., b. Jan 1885, age 15; Hanah M., b. July 1886, age 13; Watson H., b. Apr 1889, age 11. All born Ky Ky Ky.

1910 census of Rowan Co., KY, Cristy Creek prec, page 7B, dated 23 Apr, lists as family #123:
Caudill, Abel, 67; (w) Mary A., 61; married 44 yrs, 15 children, 15 living; (ward) Cox, Charlie, 11; (niece) Kidd, Sarah, 58, married 38 yrs, 9 children, 4 living.
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