Rowan County Kentucky Census Records

1870 Census of Rowan County, Kentucky

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Coggswell / Cogswell

SURNAMEGiven nameAge  Precinct & pageHousehold

CALVERT,George(24)  Cross Roads page 111A household 102
CALVERT,George(5/12)  Cross Roads page 108B household 67
CALVERT,Hiram(33)  Cross Roads page 108B household 67
CALVERT,James(13)  Cross Roads page 108B household 67
CALVERT,Jane(55)  Cross Roads page 108A household 56
CALVERT,Joan(5)  Cross Roads page 108B household 67
CALVERT,John(13)  Cross Roads page 111A household 102
CALVERT,Louan(7)  Cross Roads page 108B household 67
CALVERT,Mary(32)  Cross Roads page 111A household 102
CALVERT,Mary(9)  Cross Roads page 108B household 67
CALVERT,Minerva(29)  Cross Roads page 108B household 67
CALVERT,Sarah(11)  Cross Roads page 108B household 67

CAREY,Alice(1)  Cross Roads page 108A household 63
CAREY,Alice(14)  Cross Roads page 106A household 34
CAREY,America(13)  Cross Roads page 108A household 63
CAREY,Arzonia(5)  Cross Roads page 108A household 63
CAREY,George M.(49)  Cross Roads page 108A household 63
CAREY,George(3)  Cross Roads page 106A household 34
CAREY,Grant(1)  Cross Roads page 106A household 34
CAREY,James(10)  Cross Roads page 106A household 34
CAREY,James(44)  Cross Roads page 106A household 34
CAREY,John(16)  Cross Roads page 106A household 34
CAREY,Joshua(41)  Cross Roads page 108A household 58
CAREY,Laban(9)  Cross Roads page 108A household 63
CAREY,Nannie(7)  Cross Roads page 106A household 34
CAREY,Nellie(40)  Cross Roads page 106A household 34
CAREY,Parmelia(36)  Cross Roads page 106A household 34
CAREY,Sallie(3)  Cross Roads page 106A household 34
CAREY,Sarah(45)  Cross Roads page 108A household 63
CAREY,William(2)  Cross Roads page 108A household 63

CARPENTER,Alexander(30)  Morehead page 116A household 58
CARPENTER,Ann(50)  Pearce page 124B household 45
CARPENTER,Elizabeth(15)  Pearce page 124B household 45
CARPENTER,Henry(14)  Pine Grove page 135B household 77
CARPENTER,Jackson(23)  Pearce page 124B household 45
CARPENTER,James(25)  Pearce page 124B household 45
CARPENTER,Leander(3/12)  Pearce page 128B household 95
CARPENTER,Louida(10)  Pearce page 124B household 45
CARPENTER,Louisa(21)  Morehead page 116A household 58
CARPENTER,Martha(2)  Morehead page 116A household 58
CARPENTER,Minerva(10/12)  Morehead page 116A household 58
CARPENTER,Sallie(20)  Pearce page 128B household 95
CARPENTER,Sarah(18)  Pearce page 124B household 45
CARPENTER,William(22)  Pearce page 128B household 95

CASSITY,Alice(10)  Pearce page 123B household 24
CASSITY,Almira(13)  Pearce page 123A household 22
CASSITY,America(24)  Cross Roads page 106A household 28
CASSITY,Davina(50)  Cross Roads page 104A household 2
CASSITY,Edmund(16)  Pearce page 123A household 24
CASSITY,Elizabeth(50)  Pearce page 123A household 22
CASSIDAY,Frances (f)(6/12)  Pine Grove page 133A household 49
CASSITY,Georgianna(15)  Pearce page 123A household 24
CASSITY,Henry(27)  Pearce page 123B household 28
CASSITY,Huldah(47)  Pearce page 125A household 50
CASSITY,Jackson(24)  Cross Roads page 104A household 2
CASSITY,James(49)  Pearce page 123A household 24
CASSITY,Jane(13)  Pearce page 123B household 24
CASSITY,John(54)  Pearce page 125A household 50
CASSITY,John(6)  Pearce page 123B household 24
CASSIDAY,Joycey(62)  Cross Roads page 105B household 28
CASSITY,Mahala(13)  Pearce page 123A household 22
CASSIDAY,Martin(18)  Cross Roads page 108A household 60
CASSITY,Mary C.(24)  Morehead page 115B household 54
CASSITY,Mary Jane(2)  Pearce page 123B household 28
CASSITY,Mary(13)  Pine Grove page 133B household 54
CASSITY,Mary(20)  Cross Roads page 104A household 2
CASSITY,Mary(20)  Pearce page 123A household 22
CASSITY,Mary(22)  Pearce page 123B household 28
CASSITY,Sally(37)  Pearce page 123A household 24
CASSITY,Samuel(13)  Pearce page 125A household 50
CASSITY,Samuel(3)  Pearce page 123B household 24
CASSIDAY,William(25)  Pine Grove page 133A household 49
CASSITY,William(2/12)  Pearce page 123B household 28
CASSITY,William(54)  Pearce page 123A household 22
CASSITY,William(57)  Cross Roads page 104A household 2

CATRON,Belle(5)  Christy Creek page 102B household 86
CATRON,Elizabeth(30)  Christy Creek page 102B household 86
CATRON,Mirty(1)  Christy Creek page 102B household 86

CAUDILL,Abel(12)  Christy Creek page 100A household 52
CAUDILL,Abel(28)  Christy Creek page 99B household 47
CAUDILL,Alfred(46)  Christy Creek page 102A household 74
CAUDILL,Amanda(10/12)  Christy Creek page 99B household 47
CAUDILL,Andrew(6)  Christy Creek page 102A household 74
CAUDILL,Annie(7)  Christy Creek page 103B household 95
CAUDILL,Benjamin(22)  Christy Creek page 100A household 49
CAUDILL,Benjamin(4)  Christy Creek page 96B household 5
CAUDILL,Benjamin(40)  Christy Creek page 100A household 50
CAUDILL,Bettie(2/12)  Christy Creek page 103B household 95
CAUDILL,Bob Lee(2)  Christy Creek page 99B household 47
CAUDILL,Cynthia(19)  Christy Creek page 100A household 51
CAUDILL,David(39)  Christy Creek page 103B household 95
CAUDILL,Drusilla(45)  Christy Creek page 102A household 74
CAUDILL,Elijah(33)  Christy Creek page 96A household 5
CAUDILL,Elizabeth(5)  Christy Creek page 103B household 95
CAUDILL,Fannie(29)  Christy Creek page 100A household 52
CAUDILL,George(60)  Cross Roads page 110A household 95
CAUDILL,Greenberry(6)  Christy Creek page 96B household 5
CAUDILL,Henry(15)  Christy Creek page 100A household 52
CAUDILL,Henry(15)  Christy Creek page 103B household 95
CAUDILL,James(2)  Christy Creek page 99B household 47
CAUDILL,James(20)  Christy Creek page 99B household 46
CAUDILL,James(3)  Christy Creek page 100A household 52
CAUDILL,James(4)  Christy Creek page 102A household 78
CAUDILL,Jane(25)  Christy Creek page 100A household 49
CAUDILL,John M.(37)  Christy Creek page 100A household 52
CAUDILL,John(10)  Christy Creek page 103B household 95
CAUDILL,John(4)  Christy Creek page 99B household 47
CAUDILL,John(5)  Christy Creek page 100A household 50
CAUDILL,Levi(6/12)  Christy Creek page 100A household 49
CAUDILL,Lucinda(2)  Christy Creek page 100A household 50
CAUDILL,Margaret(12)  Christy Creek page 100A household 50
CAUDILL,Margaret(2)  Christy Creek page 103B household 95
CAUDILL,Mary(14)  Christy Creek page 103B household 95
CAUDILL,Mary(24)  Christy Creek page 99B household 47
CAUDILL,Mary(3)  Christy Creek page 102A household 78
CAUDILL,Mary(45)  Christy Creek page 100A household 50
CAUDILL,Mary(8)  Christy Creek page 96A household 5
CAUDILL,Nancy(22)  Christy Creek page 96A household 5
CAUDILL,Quintena(22)  Christy Creek page 102A household 78
CAUDILL,Rebecca(1)  Christy Creek page 96B household 5
CAUDILL,Rebecca(17)  Christy Creek page 99B household 46
CAUDILL,Rosanna(13)  Christy Creek page 102A household 74
CAUDILL,Rosanna(34)  Christy Creek page 103B household 95
CAUDILL,Samuel(16)  Christy Creek page 100A household 52
CAUDILL,Samuel(25)  Christy Creek page 100A household 51
CAUDILL,Samuel(66)  Christy Creek page 99B household 46
CAUDILL,Samuel(9)  Christy Creek page 100A household 50
CAUDILL,Sarah(1)  Christy Creek page 100A household 52
CAUDILL,Sarah(10)  Christy Creek page 96A household 5
CAUDILL,Sarah(12)  Christy Creek page 103B household 95
CAUDILL,Sarah(18)  Christy Creek page 100A household 50
CAUDILL,Sarah(60)  Christy Creek page 99B household 46
CAUDILL,Susanna(15)  Christy Creek page 100A household 50
CAUDILL,Tandy(21)  Christy Creek page 102A household 74
CAUDILL,Thomas(4)  Christy Creek page 103B household 95
CAUDILL,William(16)  Christy Creek page 102A household 74
CAUDILL,William(2)  Christy Creek page 100A household 51
CAUDILL,William(2/12)  Christy Creek page 100A household 50

CHARLES,David(2/12)  Cross Roads page 108B household 66
CHARLES,Rebecca(21)  Cross Roads page 108B household 66
CHARLES,Robert(25)  Cross Roads page 108B household 66

CHILES,John(11)  Cross Roads page 110A household 91

CHOATE,Abram(30)  Cross Roads page 106A household 31
CHOATE,Miranda(39)  Cross Roads page 106A household 31

CHRISTIAN,America(17)  Christy Creek page 101B household 73
CHRISTIAN,Andrew(3)  Christy Creek page 102B household 79
CHRISTIAN,Bexy(7)  Christy Creek page 102A household 79
CHRISTIAN,Charity(24)  Cross Roads page 110B household 101
CHRISTIAN,Christina(17)  Cross Roads page 110B household 101
CHRISTIAN,Davis(15)  Christy Creek page 102A household 79
CHRISTIAN,Eliza(35)  Christy Creek page 102A household 79
CHRISTIAN,Henry(1)  Christy Creek page 102A household 77
CHRISTIAN,John B.(38)  Christy Creek page 102A household 79
CHRISTIAN,John(4)  Christy Creek page 102A household 77
CHRISTIAN,Leah(25)  Christy Creek page 102A household 77
CHRISTIAN,Lucinda(16)  Christy Creek page 102A household 79
CHRISTIAN,Martha(7/12)  Christy Creek page 102B household 79
CHRISTIAN,Mary(13)  Christy Creek page 102A household 79
CHRISTIAN,Mary(61)  Christy Creek page 102A household 78
CHRISTIAN,Nancy(11)  Christy Creek page 102A household 79
CHRISTIAN,Robin(30)  Christy Creek page 102A household 77
CHRISTIAN,Rosanna(5)  Christy Creek page 102A household 79
CHRISTIAN,Thomas(1/12)  Christy Creek page 101B household 73
CHRISTIAN,Thomas(3)  Christy Creek page 102A household 77
CHRISTIAN,Thomas(61)  Christy Creek page 102A household 78
CHRISTIAN,Will Fleming(2/12)  Christy Creek page 102A household 77
CHRISTIAN,William(21)  Christy Creek page 101B household 73
CHRISTIAN,William(9)  Christy Creek page 102A household 79

CLACK,Ailsey(66)  Cross Roads page 108B household 68

CLARK,Amanda(4)  Christy Creek page 97A household 15
CLARK,America(8/12)  Christy Creek page 97A household 15
CLARK,Annie(17)  Pine Grove page 133B household 51
CLARK,Edson(21)  Pine Grove page 133B household 51
CLARK,Edwin(19)  Pine Grove page 133B household 51
CLARK,Elizabeth(22)  Christy Creek page 97A household 15
CLARK,Elizabeth(65)  Christy Creek page 97B household 19
CLARK,Harry(3)  Morehead page 113A household 20
CLARK,Henry(15)  Pine Grove page 133B household 51
CLARK,Iona(1)  Morehead page 113A household 20
CLARK,James(32)  Morehead page 113A household 20
CLARK,Jennie(7)  Morehead page 113A household 20
CLARK,Leander(3)  Christy Creek page 97B household 21
CLARK,Luly(5)  Morehead page 113A household 20
CLARK,Martha(29)  Christy Creek page 97B household 21
CLARK,Mary(30)  Morehead page 113A household 20
CLARK,Mary(4/12)  Christy Creek page 97B household 21
CLARK,Mary(57)  Pine Grove page 133B household 51
CLARK,Melissa(2)  Christy Creek page 97A household 15
CLARK,Minerva(17)  Christy Creek page 97B household 19
CLARK,Samuel(31)  Christy Creek page 97A household 15
CLARK,Samuel(8)  Christy Creek page 97B household 21
CLARK,Sarah(14)  Christy Creek page 97B household 21
CLARK,Zenas(55)  Pine Grove page 133B household 51

CLICK,Aletha(35)  Christy Creek page 98A household 28
CLICK,Amanda(2)  Christy Creek page 98A household 28
CLICK,Eliza(7)  Christy Creek page 98A household 28
CLICK,James(35)  Christy Creek page 98A household 28
CLICK,John(11)  Christy Creek page 98A household 28
CLICK,Minnie(9)  Christy Creek page 98A household 28
CLICK,Sarah(13)  Christy Creek page 98A household 28

COGSWELL,Amanda(17)  Christy Creek page 102B household 85
COGSWELL,Annie(46)  Christy Creek page 102B household 85
COGGSWELL,Damey(5)  Morehead page 119A household 99
COGGSWELL,Damy(3)  Pearce page 128A household 91
COGGSWELL,Damy(70)  Pearce page 128A household 90
COGGSWELL,David(14)  Morehead page 119A household 99
COGGSWELL,David(9)  Pearce page 126A household 66
COGGSWELL,Elizabeth(10)  Morehead page 119A household 99
COGGSWELL,Elizabeth(38)  Pearce page 128A household 90
COGGSWELL,Isaac(29)  Pearce page 128A household 89
COGSWELL,Isaac(70)  Christy Creek page 102B household 85
COGGSWELL,James(1)  Pearce page 128B household 100
COGGSWELL,Jedediah(34)  Pearce page 128A household 91
COGGSWELL,Jesse(20)  Pearce page 128A household 90
COGGSWELL,Jesse(73)  Pearce page 128A household 90
COGGSWELL,John W.(36)  Pearce page 128B household 100
COGGSWELL,John(13)  Pearce page 126A household 66
COGGSWELL,John(18)  Morehead page 119A household 99
COGGSWELL,John(2)  Pearce page 128A household 89
COGGSWELL,John(77)  Pearce page 128B household 99
COGGSWELL,Joseph(11)  Pearce page 126A household 66
COGGSWELL,Lewis(14)  Pearce page 126A household 66
COGGSWELL,Louisa(34)  Pearce page 128B household 100
COGGSWELL,Louisa(39)  Pearce page 126A household 66
COGGSWELL,Louisa(6)  Pearce page 128B household 100
COGGSWELL,Lucinda(10/12)  Pine Grove page 133A household 49
COGGSWELL,Lucinda(30)  Pine Grove page 133A household 49
COGGSWELL,Lydia(48)  Morehead page 119A household 99
COGGSWELL,Martha(12)  Morehead page 119A household 99
COGGSWELL,Martha(74)  Pearce page 128B household 99
COGGSWELL,Mary(36)  Pearce page 128A household 91
COGGSWELL,Miles(20)  Morehead page 119A household 99
COGGSWELL,Paulina(23)  Pearce page 128A household 89
COGGSWELL,Pearson(4/12)  Pearce page 128A household 91
COGGSWELL,Robert(16)  Morehead page 119A household 99
COGSWELL,Susan(12)  Christy Creek page 102B household 85
COGGSWELL,William(1)  Pearce page 128A household 89
COGGSWELL,William(11)  Pearce page 128A household 91
COGGSWELL,William(49)  Morehead page 119A household 99

COLLEDGE,Aaron(10)  Pine Grove page 132A household 33
COLLEDGE,Aaron(41)  Pine Grove page 132A household 33
COLLEDGE,Elida(12)  Pine Grove page 132A household 33
COLLEDGE,Eliza(38)  Pine Grove page 132A household 33

COLLINS,Jesse(27)  Cross Roads page 107B household 50
COLLINS,Sarah(22)  Cross Roads page 107B household 50
COLLINS,Willgardia (m)(7/12)  Cross Roads page 107B household 50

COLLINSWORTH,Elijah(10)  Christy Creek page 96A household 2
COLLINSWORTH,Frankie [f](12)  Christy Creek page 96A household 2
COLLINSWORTH,Hannah(30)  Christy Creek page 96A household 2
COLLINSWORTH,Henry(4)  Christy Creek page 96A household 2
COLLINSWORTH,Paulina(8)  Christy Creek page 96A household 2
COLLINSWORTH,Queen Vic(2)  Christy Creek page 96A household 2
COLLINSWORTH,William(31)  Christy Creek page 96A household 2
COLLINSWORTH,William(7)  Christy Creek page 96A household 2

COLWELL,Elizabeth(27)  Cross Roads page 107A household 43
COLWELL,George(27)  Cross Roads page 107A household 43
COLWELL,Jackson(33)  Cross Roads page 107A household 43
COLWELL,Mary(27)  Cross Roads page 107A household 43
COLWELL,Matilda(27)  Cross Roads page 107A household 43
COLWELL,Sallie(27)  Cross Roads page 107A household 43
COLWELL,Thomas(27)  Cross Roads page 107A household 43

CONDON,Adeline(5)  Pine Grove page 133A household 47
CONDON,Charles(13)  Pine Grove page 133A household 47
CONDON,Elizabeth(8)  Pine Grove page 133A household 47
CONDON,Girard(19)  Pine Grove page 133A household 47
CONDON,Hannah(49)  Pine Grove page 133A household 47
CONDON,Redman(58)  Pine Grove page 133A household 47

COOK,Abagail(3)  Cross Roads page 104B household 10
COOK,Abraham(2/12)  Cross Roads page 104B household 11
COOK,Amanda(14)  Cross Roads page 104B household 10
COOK,Armilda(1)  Cross Roads page 104B household 10
COOK,Elizabeth(28)  Cross Roads page 104B household 11
COOK,Ellen(40)  Cross Roads page 104B household 10
COOK,Isaac(17)  Cross Roads page 104B household 10
COOK,Isaac(17)  Cross Roads page 105B household 21
COOK,James(8)  Cross Roads page 104B household 10
COOK,Joseph(40)  Cross Roads page 104B household 10
COOK,Mary(16)  Cross Roads page 104B household 10
COOK,Matilda(3)  Cross Roads page 104B household 11
COOK,Thomas(10)  Cross Roads page 104B household 10
COOK,Tursey (f)(5)  Cross Roads page 104B household 10
COOK,William(12)  Cross Roads page 104B household 10
COOK,William(32)  Cross Roads page 104B household 11

COOPER,Amanda(20)  Morehead page 118A household 89
COOPER,Amanda(27)  Morehead page 117B household 79
COOPER,Annie(25)  Morehead page 117B household 77
COOPER,Cerilda(6)  Morehead page 117B household 78
COOPER,Charles(28)  Morehead page 117B household 79
COOPER,Clarinda(23)  Morehead page 116B household 67
COOPER,Cordelia(3)  Morehead page 117A household 74
COOPER,Eliza(4)  Morehead page 117B household 79
COOPER,Elizabeth(22)  Morehead page 117A household 74
COOPER,Elizabeth(56)  Morehead page 118A household 89
COOPER,Elizabeth(6/12)  Morehead page 118A household 89
COOPER,Ephraim(26)  Morehead page 116B household 67
COOPER,Fielding(34)  Morehead page 117B household 81
COOPER,Frances(22)  Morehead page 120B household 118
COOPER,Francis (f)(7)  Morehead page 117B household 76
COOPER,Franklin(16)  Morehead page 117B household 76
COOPER,George Jr(30)  Morehead page 117B household 77
COOPER,George W.(48)  Morehead page 117B household 76
COOPER,George(11)  Morehead page 117A household 75
COOPER,George(22)  Cross Roads page 108B household 70
COOPER,Georgeanna(2/12)  Morehead page 117B household 77
COOPER,Henry(28)  Morehead page 120B household 118
COOPER,Hiram(5)  Morehead page 116B household 67
COOPER,Holland(6)  Morehead page 118A household 89
COOPER,Horace Greeley(2)  Morehead page 117B household 77
COOPER,Huldah(36)  Morehead page 117B household 78
COOPER,James(14)  Morehead page 117B household 76
COOPER,James(5)  Morehead page 117B household 79
COOPER,Joan(20)  Cross Roads page 108B household 70
COOPER,John R.(39)  Morehead page 117A household 74
COOPER,John(2)  Morehead page 117B household 79
COOPER,Lemuel(10/12)  Morehead page 116B household 67
COOPER,Lewis(7)  Morehead page 117B household 77
COOPER,Lilly(9/12)  Cross Roads page 108B household 70
COOPER,Malachi(20)  Morehead page 117B household 76
COOPER,Malinda(8)  Morehead page 117B household 79
COOPER,Mary(10/12)  Morehead page 117B household 79
COOPER,Mary(3)  Morehead page 116B household 67
COOPER,Mary(47)  Morehead page 117B household 76
COOPER,Mary(7)  Morehead page 117B household 81
COOPER,Nancy(30)  Morehead page 117B household 81
COOPER,Rip (m)(7)  Morehead page 117B household 78
COOPER,Sarah(18)  Morehead page 117B household 76
COOPER,Sarona(12)  Morehead page 117B household 78
COOPER,Seth(9)  Morehead page 117B household 78
COOPER,Speer(4)  Morehead page 117B household 81
COOPER,Thomas(12)  Morehead page 117B household 76
COOPER,Trumbo(15)  Morehead page 117B household 78
COOPER,Will Fleming(1/12)  Morehead page 120B household 118
COOPER,William(40)  Morehead page 117B household 78
COOPER,William(5)  Morehead page 117B household 77
COOPER,William(66)  Morehead page 117A household 75

CORNETT,Bexy(39)  Christy Creek page 103B household 97
CORNETT,Ceattie(35)  Christy Creek page 96B household 13
CORNETT,Davis(45)  Christy Creek page 103B household 97
CORNETT,Eliza(12)  Christy Creek page 103B household 97
CORNETT,Hiram(10)  Christy Creek page 97A household 13
CORNETT,Jesse(14)  Christy Creek page 96B household 13
CORNETT,John(13)  Christy Creek page 96B household 13
CORNETT,Margaret(14)  Christy Creek page 103B household 97
CORNETT,Margaret(5)  Christy Creek page 97A household 13
CORNETT,Martha(12)  Christy Creek page 96B household 13
CORNETT,Mary(15)  Christy Creek page 96B household 13
CORNETT,Mindy(17)  Christy Creek page 96B household 13
CORNETT,Nancy(8)  Christy Creek page 97A household 13
CORNETT,Wesley(6)  Christy Creek page 97A household 13

CRAIGER,Ambrose(21)  Morehead page 114A household 31
CRAIGER,Rebecca(16)  Morehead page 114A household 31
CRAIGER,William(19)  Morehead page 114A household 31

CRISP,Mary(20)  Morehead page 112A household 1

CROSE,Abram(12)  Pearce page 128A household 92
CROSE,Adam(36)  Pearce page 122B household 13
CROSE,Bluford(16)  Pearce page 128A household 92
CROSE,Caroline(6)  Pearce page 122B household 13
CROSE,Emily(2)  Pearce page 122B household 13
CROSE,Frances(4)  Pearce page 122B household 13
CROSE,John(45)  Pearce page 128A household 92
CROSE,Lucinda(29)  Pearce page 122B household 13
CROSE,Mary(35)  Pearce page 128A household 92
CROSE,Mary(7)  Pearce page 128A household 92
CROSE,Rebecca(10)  Pearce page 128A household 92

CROSTHWAITE,Aaron(45)  Pearce page 125B household 57
CROSTHWAITE,Aaron(9)  Pearce page 125B household 57
CROSTHWAITE,Frances(38)  Pearce page 125B household 57
CROSTHWAITE,Kate(6/12)  Pearce page 125B household 57
CROSTHWAITE,Louisa(10)  Pearce page 125B household 57
CROSTHWAITE,Louisa(7/12)  Pearce page 125B household 58
CROSTHWAITE,Martha(5)  Pearce page 125B household 57
CROSTHWAITE,Mary(12)  Pearce page 125B household 57
CROSTHWAITE,Mary(26)  Pearce page 125B household 58
CROSTHWAITE,Owen(37)  Pearce page 125B household 58
CROSTHWAITE,Turner(14)  Pearce page 125B household 57
CROSTHWAITE,William(2)  Pearce page 125B household 57

CURTISS,Amanda(2)  Morehead page 119B household 104
CURTISS,Henry(30)  Morehead page 119B household 104
CURTISS,Lafayette(7)  Morehead page 119B household 104
CURTISS,Lucy(4)  Morehead page 119B household 104
CURTISS,Martha(27)  Morehead page 119B household 104

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