Rowan County Kentucky Census Records

1870 Census of Rowan County, Kentucky

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SURNAMEGiven nameAge  Precinct & pageHousehold

DARNELL,John(40)  Morehead page 120B household 117
DARNELL,Priscilla(39)  Morehead page 120B household 117
DARNELL,Rosetta(9)  Morehead page 120B household 117

DAVIS,Aletha(59)  Cross Roads page 106A household 28
DAVIS,Andrew(4)  Christy Creek page 101A household 65
DAVIS,Hope(24)  Christy Creek page 101A household 65

DAY,Amanda(30)  Morehead page 112B household 13
DAY,America(6)  Pine Grove page 132B household 38
DAY,Catherine(2)  Pine Grove page 132B household 38
DAY,Charles(4/12)  Morehead page 112B household 13
DAY,Cynthia(48)  Christy Creek page 97A household 16
DAY,Daniel(16)  Christy Creek page 97A household 16
DAY,Daniel(3)  Morehead page 112B household 13
DAY,David(23)  Christy Creek page 97A household 16
DAY,Elizabeth(27)  Pine Grove page 132B household 38
DAY,Henry(5)  Pearce page 124A household 40
DAY,Isaac(3)  Pearce page 124A household 40
DAY,Isaac(40)  Pine Grove page 132B household 38
DAY,Isaac(50)  Pearce page 125A household 49
DAY,Isaac(6)  Christy Creek page 97A household 16
DAY,Jacob(21)  Christy Creek page 97A household 16
DAY,James(1)  Pearce page 124A household 40
DAY,James(17)  Pearce page 123B household 31
DAY,James(6)  Pine Grove page 132B household 38
DAY,Jedediah(49)  Christy Creek page 97A household 16
DAY,John M.(22)  Christy Creek page 97A household 17
DAY,John(11)  Christy Creek page 97A household 16
DAY,John(43)  Pearce page 123B household 31
DAY,John(5)  Morehead page 112B household 13
DAY,John(9)  Pine Grove page 132B household 38
DAY,Lucinda(49)  Pearce page 125A household 49
DAY,Lydia(24)  Christy Creek page 97A household 17
DAY,Margaret(7)  Pearce page 124A household 40
DAY,Marion (m)(13)  Pearce page 125A household 49
DAY,Mary(11)  Pine Grove page 132B household 38
DAY,Mary(27)  Pearce page 124A household 40
DAY,Phillip(26)  Morehead page 112B household 13
DAY,Sally(1)  Christy Creek page 97A household 17
DAY,Sandford(18)  Pearce page 125A household 49
DAY,Sarah(14)  Pearce page 123B household 31
DAY,Sarah(19)  Christy Creek page 97A household 16
DAY,Susan(3)  Christy Creek page 97A household 16
DAY,Susan(40)  Pearce page 123B household 31
DAY,Thomas(3)  Pine Grove page 132B household 38
DAY,Thomas(6)  Morehead page 112B household 13
DAY,Wallace(10)  Pearce page 125A household 49
DAY,William(19)  Christy Creek page 96A household 1
DAY,William(25)  Christy Creek page 97A household 16
DAY,William(29)  Pearce page 124A household 40
DAY,William(9)  Pearce page 123B household 31

DEHART,Eliza(38)  Christy Creek page 98B household 36
DEHART,Elizabeth(23)  Christy Creek page 96B household 12
DEHART,Joshua(27)  Christy Creek page 96B household 12
DEHART,Letha(7)  Christy Creek page 98B household 36
DEHART,Lucinda(11)  Christy Creek page 98B household 36
DEHART,Maria(5)  Christy Creek page 98B household 36
DEHART,Martha(13)  Christy Creek page 98B household 36
DEHART,Stephen(51)  Christy Creek page 98B household 36
DEHART,William(9)  Christy Creek page 98B household 36

DEMOREE,Malinda(5)  Cross Roads page 109B household 86
DEMOREE,Melissa(30)  Cross Roads page 109B household 86

DEWITT,Amanda(18)  Cross Roads page 107A household 42
DEWITT,Emily(22)  Cross Roads page 107A household 42
DEWITT,Melinda(40)  Cross Roads page 106B household 42
DEWITT,Rebecca(25)  Cross Roads page 106B household 42

DILLON,Caroline(40)  Pine Grove page 130A household 8
DILLON,Dawson(28)  Pine Grove page 130A household 6
DILLON,Mary(13)  Pine Grove page 130A household 6
DILLON,Michael(5)  Pine Grove page 130A household 6

DONAHUE,Alfred(53)  Pearce page 124B household 47
DONAHUE,Georgianna(18)  Pearce page 124B household 47
DONAHUE,James(55)  Pearce page 123A household 20
DONAHUE,John(21)  Pearce page 124B household 47
DONAHUE,Julia(10)  Pearce page 123A household 20
DONAHUE,Julia(53)  Pearce page 123A household 20
DONAHUE,Sarah(14)  Pearce page 123A household 20
DONAHUE,Sarah(23)  Pearce page 124B household 47
DONAHUE,Susan(50)  Pearce page 124B household 47
DONAHUE,Thomas(35)  Pearce page 123A household 20

DONIPHAM,Lucy(16)  Cross Roads page 109A household 76
DONIPHAN,Mary(17)  Pine Grove page 133B household 50
DONIPHAM,Nancy(14)  Cross Roads page 109A household 76
DONIPHAM,Sallie(59)  Cross Roads page 109A household 76

DOWNEY,John(19)  Pearce page 128B household 98
DOWNEY,Martha(21)  Pearce page 128B household 98
DOWNEY,Mylphia (f)(47)  Pearce page 128B household 98
DOWNEY,William(23)  Pearce page 128B household 98

DYER,Calvin F.(50)  Morehead page 113B household 29
DYER,Clara(1)  Morehead page 113B household 29
DYER,Elizabeth(22)  Morehead page 113B household 29
DYER,Granville(17)  Morehead page 113B household 29
DYER,Highley (f)(3)  Morehead page 113B household 29
DYER,John C.(6)  Morehead page 113B household 29
DYER,Louisa(32)  Morehead page 113B household 29
DYER,Tennessee (f)(4)  Morehead page 113B household 29

EASTON,Elizabeth(32)  Pine Grove page 133A household 45
EASTON,Ellen(8)  Pine Grove page 133A household 45
EASTON,Francis (m)(3)  Pine Grove page 133A household 45
EASTON,Georgiana(1)  Pine Grove page 133A household 45
EASTON,James(34)  Pine Grove page 133A household 45
EASTON,James(6)  Pine Grove page 133A household 45
EASTON,Martha(11)  Pine Grove page 133A household 45

EGAN,John(7/12)  Pine Grove page 134B household 66
EGAN,Mary(6)  Pine Grove page 134B household 66
EGAN,Nancy(10)  Pine Grove page 134B household 66
EGAN,Rosamia(30)  Pine Grove page 134B household 66
EGAN,Sarah(4)  Pine Grove page 134B household 66
EGAN,William(12)  Pine Grove page 134B household 66
EGAN,William(26)  Pine Grove page 134B household 66

ELLINGTON,Alice(10)  Pearce page 124B household 44
ELLINGTON,Elizabeth(4)  Pearce page 124B household 44
ELLINGTON,George(8)  Pearce page 124B household 44
ELLINGTON,Henry(14)  Pearce page 124B household 44
ELLINGTON,James(9)  Pearce page 124B household 44
ELLINGTON,John(12)  Pearce page 124B household 44
ELLINGTON,John(50)  Pearce page 124B household 44
ELLINGTON,John(73)  Pearce page 123B household 29
ELLINGTON,Lucinda(20)  Pearce page 124B household 44
ELLINGTON,Mary(45)  Pearce page 123B household 29
ELLINGTON,Mary(9)  Pearce page 123B household 29
ELLINGTON,Nancy(39)  Pearce page 124B household 44
ELLINGTON,Samuel(2)  Pearce page 124B household 44
ELLINGTON,William(7)  Pearce page 124B household 44
ELLINGTON,Zerilda(27)  Pearce page 124B household 44

ELLIOTT,Barnes(61)  Pine Grove page 133B household 55
ELLIOTT,Elizabeth(51)  Pine Grove page 133B household 55
ELLIOTT,William(24)  Pearce page 122B household 14

EPPERHEART,Annie(2)  Christy Creek page 99B household 45
EPPERHEART,Daniel(13)  Christy Creek page 102B household 83
EPPERHEART,David(43)  Christy Creek page 99A household 40
EPPERHEART,Dulcina(5)  Christy Creek page 99A household 39
EPPERHEART,Edwin(7)  Christy Creek page 99A household 39
EPPERHEART,George(2/12)  Christy Creek page 99A household 40
EPPERHEART,James(5)  Christy Creek page 99A household 40
EPPERHEART,John(11)  Christy Creek page 99B household 45
EPPERHEART,Johnson(39)  Christy Creek page 99A household 39
EPPERHEART,Martha(28)  Christy Creek page 99A household 40
EPPERHEART,Martha(33)  Christy Creek page 99A household 39
EPPERHEART,Mary(2)  Christy Creek page 99A household 40
EPPERHEART,Mary(4)  Christy Creek page 100B household 59
EPPERHEART,Nancy(7)  Christy Creek page 99A household 39
EPPERHEART,Ruth(3)  Christy Creek page 99A household 39
EPPERHEART,Stella(14)  Christy Creek page 99A household 39
EPPERHEART,William(3)  Christy Creek page 99A household 40
EPPERHEART,William(52)  Christy Creek page 99A household 39

EVANS,Daniel(13)  Morehead page 115A household 44
EVANS,Eli(11)  Pearce page 123B household 32
EVANS,Elias(11)  Pearce page 123B household 32
EVANS,Elizabeth(11)  Morehead page 113A household 17
EVANS,Elizabeth(19)  Pearce page 124B household 41
EVANS,Elizabeth(20)  Morehead page 117A household 73
EVANS,Elizabeth(48)  Pearce page 123B household 32
EVANS,Ella(9)  Morehead page 113A household 17
EVANS,Henry(17)  Pearce page 123B household 32
EVANS,Henry(55)  Pearce page 124A household 41
EVANS,Hiram(3)  Morehead page 117A household 73
EVANS,James(16)  Pearce page 124B household 41
EVANS,Jeff Davis(8)  Pearce page 123B household 32
EVANS,Joanne(50)  Pearce page 124A household 41
EVANS,John(26)  Morehead page 117A household 73
EVANS,John(49)  Pearce page 123B household 32
EVANS,Lillie(7)  Pearce page 124B household 41
EVANS,Mary(20)  Pearce page 128B household 94
EVANS,Mary(22)  Pearce page 124B household 41
EVANS,Milton(14)  Pearce page 123B household 32
EVANS,Nancy(50)  Morehead page 115A household 44
EVANS,Rebecca(40)  Pearce page 124B household 41
EVANS,Turner(23)  Pearce page 128B household 94
EVANS,William(6/12)  Pearce page 128B household 94
EVANS,Zerilda(40)  Morehead page 113A household 17

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