Rowan County Kentucky Census Records

1870 Census of Rowan County, Kentucky

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Gilkerson / Gilkison

SURNAMEGiven nameAge  Precinct & pageHousehold

FANNNIN,Caroline(30)  Christy Creek page 99A household 41
FANNNIN,Edwin(2)  Christy Creek page 99A household 41
FANNNIN,James(11)  Christy Creek page 99A household 41
FANNNIN,John(37)  Christy Creek page 99A household 41
FANNNIN,Sarah(9)  Christy Creek page 99A household 41

FERRAND,Emeline(3/10)  Pearce page 123A household 18
FERRAND,James(12)  Pearce page 123A household 18
FERRAND,Lucinda(10)  Pearce page 123A household 18
FERRAND,Lucinda(37)  Pearce page 123A household 18
FERRAND,Nancy(4)  Pearce page 123A household 18
FERRAND,William(40)  Pearce page 123A household 18

FILSON,Ulysses(60)  Cross Roads page 108B household 70

FLETCHER,Eliza(1)  Christy Creek page 98A household 30
FLETCHER,Rachel(26)  Christy Creek page 98A household 30
FLETCHER,Sarah(7)  Christy Creek page 98A household 30

FORMAN,Eliza(27)  Christy Creek page 97A household 14
FORMAN,Harvey(35)  Christy Creek page 97A household 14
FORMAN,John(9/12)  Christy Creek page 97A household 14
FORMAN,Josephus(28)  Christy Creek page 97A household 14
FORMAN,Mary(20)  Pearce page 125A household 49
FORMAN,Queen Vic(2)  Christy Creek page 97A household 14
FORMAN,Rhoda(6)  Christy Creek page 97A household 14

FOSTER,Elizabeth(2)  Christy Creek page 103B household 96
FOSTER,Ellen(25)  Pearce page 123A household 16
FOSTER,John(1)  Pearce page 123A household 19
FOSTER,John(22)  Christy Creek page 103B household 96
FOSTER,Lucinda(4)  Pearce page 123A household 16
FOSTER,Mary(17)  Pearce page 123A household 19
FOSTER,Mary(8)  Pearce page 123A household 16
FOSTER,Milton(31)  Pearce page 123A household 16
FOSTER,Rebecca(20)  Christy Creek page 103B household 96
FOSTER,Robert(30)  Pearce page 123A household 19
FOSTER,Sally(6)  Pearce page 123A household 16
FOSTER,William(2/12)  Pearce page 123A household 16

FOUCH,Alonzo(1)  Christy Creek page 96A household 1
FOUCH,Eliza(17)  Christy Creek page 96A household 1
FOUCH,Elizabeth(11)  Christy Creek page 96A household 1
FOUCH,John(9)  Christy Creek page 96A household 1
FOUCH,Millard(13)  Christy Creek page 96A household 1
FOUCH,Susan(29)  Christy Creek page 96A household 1
FOUCH,Thomas(3)  Christy Creek page 96A household 1
FOUCH,William(43)  Christy Creek page 96A household 1
FOUCH,Willie(15)  Christy Creek page 96A household 1

FRALEY,Amanda(16)  Christy Creek page 98B household 34
FRALEY,Barbara(47)  Christy Creek page 98B household 34
FRALEY,Bob Lee(6)  Christy Creek page 98A household 31
FRALEY,Daniel(12)  Pine Grove page 130B household 13
FRALEY,Dicey(18)  Christy Creek page 98B household 34
FRALEY,Elijah(12)  Christy Creek page 98B household 34
FRALEY,Eliza(20)  Christy Creek page 98B household 34
FRALEY,Francis (m)(17)  Christy Creek page 98A household 31
FRALEY,Francis (m)(20)  Christy Creek page 97B household 19
FRALEY,Fred(51)  Christy Creek page 98B household 34
FRALEY,George(2/12)  Christy Creek page 98A household 31
FRALEY,James(38)  Pine Grove page 130B household 13
FRALEY,James(9)  Christy Creek page 98A household 31
FRALEY,Jasper(14)  Christy Creek page 98B household 34
FRALEY,John M.(11)  Christy Creek page 98A household 31
FRALEY,John(2)  Pine Grove page 130B household 13
FRALEY,John(30)  Christy Creek page 98B household 34
FRALEY,Lafayette(14)  Christy Creek page 98A household 31
FRALEY,Lewis(15)  Pine Grove page 130B household 13
FRALEY,Martha(5)  Christy Creek page 98B household 34
FRALEY,Mary(16)  Pine Grove page 130B household 13
FRALEY,Mary(22)  Christy Creek page 98B household 34
FRALEY,Mary(5)  Pine Grove page 130B household 13
FRALEY,Mary(7)  Christy Creek page 98A household 31
FRALEY,Nancy(18)  Christy Creek page 97B household 19
FRALEY,Priscilla(39)  Christy Creek page 98A household 31
FRALEY,Priscilla(8)  Pine Grove page 130B household 13
FRALEY,Richard(3)  Christy Creek page 98A household 31
FRALEY,Sarah(10)  Pine Grove page 130B household 13
FRALEY,Susanna(33)  Pine Grove page 130B household 13
FRALEY,Thomas(2/12)  Pine Grove page 130B household 13
FRALEY,William(21)  Christy Creek page 100B household 59
FRALEY,William(21)  Christy Creek page 98A household 31
FRALEY,William(7)  Christy Creek page 98B household 34

FRAZIER,Dicy(12)  Pine Grove page 134A household 60
FRAZIER,George(42)  Pine Grove page 134A household 60
FRAZIER,Isa (m)(20)  Pine Grove page 134A household 60
FRAZIER,James(7)  Pine Grove page 134A household 60
FRAZIER,Josephus(10)  Pine Grove page 134A household 60
FRAZIER,Louisa(39)  Pine Grove page 134A household 60
FRAZIER,Lucinda(14)  Pine Grove page 134A household 60
FRAZIER,Margaret(16)  Pine Grove page 134A household 60
FRAZIER,Marion(8)  Pine Grove page 134A household 60
FRAZIER,Phebe(18)  Pine Grove page 130B household 12
FRAZIER,Phebe(18)  Pine Grove page 134A household 60

FRIES,Joseph(19)  Pine Grove page 134B household 62

FRISBIE,Franklin(16)  Cross Roads page 107B household 51
FRISBIE,Harvey(13)  Cross Roads page 107B household 51
FRISBIE,Jane(14)  Cross Roads page 107B household 51
FRISBIE,John(17)  Cross Roads page 107B household 51
FRISBIE,John(17)  Morehead page 120B household 115
FRISBIE,Milburn(10)  Cross Roads page 107B household 51
FRISBIE,Washington(11)  Cross Roads page 107B household 51

FULTS,Barney(1)  Christy Creek page 101A household 67
FULTS,Catherine(2)  Christy Creek page 97B household 20
FULTS,Clarinda(33)  Christy Creek page 97B household 20
FULTS,David(9)  Christy Creek page 99A household 38
FULTS,Eli(14)  Christy Creek page 97B household 20
FULTS,Eliza(7)  Christy Creek page 101A household 67
FULTS,James(12)  Christy Creek page 101A household 67
FULTS,John(4)  Christy Creek page 101A household 67
FULTS,Lockey(35)  Christy Creek page 101A household 67
FULTS,Mary(3)  Christy Creek page 101A household 67
FULTS,Morgan(16)  Christy Creek page 97B household 20
FULTS,Morgan(52)  Christy Creek page 97B household 20
FULTS,Rose(18)  Christy Creek page 97B household 20
FULTS,Sandford(15)  Christy Creek page 101A household 67
FULTS,Scott(40)  Christy Creek page 101A household 67
FULTS,Scott(7)  Christy Creek page 97B household 20
FULTS,William(10)  Christy Creek page 101A household 67
FULTS,William(9)  Christy Creek page 97B household 20

GARDNER,Cynthia(44)  Pine Grove page 135A household 71
GARDNER,Joseph(9)  Pine Grove page 133B household 55
GARDNER,Mahala(25)  Pine Grove page 133B household 55
GARDNER,William(20)  Pine Grove page 133B household 55

GEARHART,Alfred(25)  Pearce page 123B household 25
GEARHART,Martha(19)  Pearce page 123B household 25

GICE,Elizabeth(50)  Pearce page 126B household 67

GILKISON,Albert(21)  Pine Grove page 131B household 27
GILKERSON,Eli Murray(3/12)  Morehead page 116A household 56
GILKERSON,Fannie(3)  Cross Roads page 106A household 30
GILKERSON,George(2)  Morehead page 116A household 56
GILKERSON,Jennie(7)  Morehead page 116A household 56
GILKERSON,Libby(9)  Cross Roads page 106A household 30
GILKERSON,Mary(9)  Morehead page 116A household 56
GILKERSON,Millicent(11)  Morehead page 116A household 56
GILKISON,Monroe(24)  Pine Grove page 131B household 27
GILKERSON,Robert(35)  Morehead page 116A household 56
GILKERSON,Rosanna(35)  Cross Roads page 106A household 30
GILKERSON,Rossiau (m)(6)  Cross Roads page 106A household 30
GILKERSON,Sandford(36)  Cross Roads page 106A household 30
GILKISON,Sarah(18)  Pine Grove page 131B household 27
GILKISON,Sarah(57)  Pine Grove page 131B household 27
GILKERSON,Susannah(32)  Morehead page 116A household 56
GILKISON,Wm(62)  Pine Grove page 131B household 27

GILLASPIE,Abagail(18)  Cross Roads page 111A household 106
GILLASPIE,Alex(65)  Cross Roads page 111A household 105
GILLASPIE,Alexander(10)  Cross Roads page 111A household 105
GILLASPIE,Granville(27)  Cross Roads page 111A household 106
GILLASPIE,John(6)  Cross Roads page 111A household 105
GILLASPIE,Lula(4/12)  Cross Roads page 111A household 106
GILLASPIE,Maria(47)  Cross Roads page 111A household 105
GILLASPIE,Martha(16)  Cross Roads page 111A household 105
GILLASPIE,Robert(14)  Cross Roads page 111A household 105
GILLASPIE,Simeon(4)  Cross Roads page 111A household 105
GILLASPIE,Simeon(6)  Cross Roads page 107B household 53

GINTER,Daniel(25)  Pearce page 123B household 26
GINTER,Henry(5)  Pearce page 123B household 26
GINTER,James(3)  Pearce page 123B household 26
GINTER,John(9/12)  Pearce page 123B household 26
GINTER,Martha(25)  Pearce page 123B household 26

GOODPASTER,James(16)  Pearce page 126B household 67

GOODWIN,Farlina(23)  Pine Grove page 132A household 37
GOODWIN,George(7/12)  Pine Grove page 132A household 37
GOODWIN,Rebecca(3)  Pine Grove page 132A household 37
GOODWIN,William(25)  Pine Grove page 132A household 37

GOSE (?),Adeline(32)  Morehead page 112A household 5
GOSE (?),William(38)  Morehead page 112A household 5

GRAY,Albert(8)  Christy Creek page 96B household 8
GRAY,Elizabeth(33)  Christy Creek page 96B household 8
GRAY,Leoni (f)(10)  Christy Creek page 96B household 8

GRAYSON,John(78)  Cross Roads page 108B household 69

GREEN,Eliza(44)  Cross Roads page 109B household 83
GREEN,Emily(22)  Cross Roads page 109A household 78
GREEN,Fielding(15)  Cross Roads page 109A household 75
GREEN,Florence(9)  Cross Roads page 109A household 75
GREEN,George(22)  Cross Roads page 109B household 83
GREEN,George(6)  Cross Roads page 109A household 78
GREEN,George(80)  Cross Roads page 109A household 75
GREEN,Hiram(49)  Cross Roads page 109A household 75
GREEN,Jane(41)  Cross Roads page 109A household 75
GREEN,Jane(8)  Cross Roads page 109A household 78
GREEN,John(14)  Cross Roads page 109B household 83
GREEN,Martha(17)  Cross Roads page 109B household 83
GREEN,Mary(5)  Cross Roads page 109A household 75
GREEN,Mary(77)  Cross Roads page 107A household 47
GREEN,Peter(42)  Cross Roads page 109A household 78
GREEN,Richard(2)  Cross Roads page 109A household 78
GREEN,Sampson(50)  Cross Roads page 109B household 83
GREEN,Thomas(19)  Cross Roads page 109B household 83
GREEN,Thomas(55)  Cross Roads page 107A household 47
GREEN,Warren(24)  Cross Roads page 109B household 83
GREEN,William(13)  Cross Roads page 109A household 75

GREENSLADE,Nelson(24)  Cross Roads page 110A household 90

GREGORY,Artemisia(1)  Pearce page 122A household 2
GREGORY,Artemissa(16)  Pearce page 122A household 1
GREGORY,Elizabeth(17)  Pearce page 122A household 2
GREGORY,Ellen(10)  Pearce page 122A household 1
GREGORY,Frank(21)  Pearce page 122A household 1
GREGORY,Harriet(48)  Pearce page 122A household 1
GREGORY,Jesse(23)  Pearce page 122A household 2
GREGORY,Lucretia(14)  Pearce page 122A household 1

GUY,Andrew(7)  Pine Grove page 134B household 67
GUY,George(18)  Pine Grove page 134B household 67
GUY,James(54)  Pine Grove page 134B household 67
GUY,James(9)  Pine Grove page 134B household 67
GUY,Margaret(14)  Pine Grove page 134B household 67
GUY,Mary(40)  Pine Grove page 134B household 67
GUY,Peter(4)  Pine Grove page 134B household 67
GUY,Tempa(16)  Pine Grove page 134B household 67
GUY,William(12)  Pine Grove page 134B household 67

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