Rowan County Kentucky Census Records

1870 Census of Rowan County, Kentucky

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SURNAMEGiven nameAge  Precinct & pageHousehold

MADDOX,Wash(66)  Pine Grove page 135A household 71

MANNIN,Alfred(7)  Christy Creek page 101B household 70
MANNIN,Alrinda(4)  Christy Creek page 101B household 70
MANNIN,Anderson(13)  Christy Creek page 101B household 70
MANNIN,Commodore(39)  Christy Creek page 101B household 70
MANNIN,Cyrus(28)  Christy Creek page 102B household 81
MANNIN,Elizabeth(37)  Christy Creek page 101B household 70
MANNIN,James(4)  Christy Creek page 102B household 81
MANNIN,James(9)  Christy Creek page 101B household 70
MANNIN,Mary(25)  Christy Creek page 102B household 81
MANNIN,Mary(6)  Christy Creek page 102B household 81
MANNIN,Miranda(1)  Christy Creek page 101B household 70
MANNIN,Sarah(11)  Christy Creek page 101B household 70
MANNIN,Sena(15)  Christy Creek page 101B household 70
MANNIN,William(7)  Christy Creek page 102B household 81

MARKWELL,Aaron(27)  Morehead page 115A household 42
MARKWELL,Amanda(30)  Cross Roads page 107A household 45
MARKWELL,America(16)  Cross Roads page 105A household 19
MARKWELL,Andrew(2)  Morehead page 115A household 45
MARKWELL,Diana(47)  Cross Roads page 105B household 26
MARKWELL,Elizabeth(27)  Cross Roads page 105B household 26
MARKWELL,Emma(11)  Morehead page 120A household 112
MARKWELL,Esther(30)  Morehead page 115A household 45
MARKWELL,Esther(57)  Morehead page 120A household 112
MARKWELL,George(12)  Cross Roads page 107A household 45
MARKWELL,J. S. Gray (m)(5/12)  Morehead page 115A household 45
MARKWELL,James(35)  Cross Roads page 107A household 45
MARKWELL,Jane(1)  Cross Roads page 107A household 45
MARKWELL,Joel(52)  Morehead page 120A household 112
MARKWELL,Joel(8/12)  Morehead page 115A household 42
MARKWELL,John(6)  Morehead page 115A household 45
MARKWELL,Josephine(10)  Morehead page 115A household 45
MARKWELL,Laura(4)  Morehead page 115A household 45
MARKWELL,Leander(15)  Cross Roads page 105B household 26
MARKWELL,Lily(8)  Cross Roads page 107A household 45
MARKWELL,Mary(17)  Morehead page 120A household 112
MARKWELL,Rosella(4)  Morehead page 115A household 42
MARKWELL,Sarah(15)  Morehead page 120A household 112
MARKWELL,Sarilda(17)  Cross Roads page 105B household 26
MARKWELL,Susanna(29)  Morehead page 115A household 42
MARKWELL,Thomas(34)  Morehead page 115A household 45
MARKWELL,Thomas(6)  Cross Roads page 107A household 45
MARKWELL,Wallace(21)  Morehead page 120A household 112
MARKWELL,Wallace(8)  Morehead page 115B household 51
MARKWELL,William(23)  Cross Roads page 105B household 26

MARSHALL,Francis(19)  Christy Creek page 97A household 14

MARTIN,Alexandria (m)(1)  Morehead page 114B household 41
MARTIN,Allen(50)  Morehead page 112B household 11
MARTIN,Benjamin(35)  Morehead page 114B household 41
MARTIN,Catherine(1)  Morehead page 112B household 11
MARTIN,Christopher(20)  Morehead page 112B household 11
MARTIN,David(18)  Morehead page 114B household 41
MARTIN,Dulcinea(5)  Morehead page 114B household 41
MARTIN,Elizabeth(11)  Morehead page 112B household 11
MARTIN,Fanny(14)  Morehead page 114B household 41
MARTIN,Harriet(11)  Morehead page 114B household 41
MARTIN,Joel(15)  Morehead page 112B household 11
MARTIN,John(17)  Morehead page 112B household 11
MARTIN,John(23)  Pine Grove page 135B household 78
MARTIN,John(24)  Morehead page 114B household 41
MARTIN,Judith(13)  Morehead page 112B household 11
MARTIN,Louamia(16)  Morehead page 114B household 41
MARTIN,Lucy(18)  Pine Grove page 135B household 78
MARTIN,Mary(25)  Morehead page 112B household 11
MARTIN,Mary(7)  Morehead page 114B household 41
MARTIN,Melvina(41)  Morehead page 114B household 41
MARTIN,Rosanna(30)  Morehead page 112B household 11
MARTIN,Serilda(25)  Cross Roads page 108A household 60
MARTIN,Susanna(13)  Morehead page 114B household 41
MARTIN,Susanna(9)  Morehead page 112B household 11
MARTIN,William(22)  Morehead page 114B household 41

McAMFREY,Alice(19)  Cross Roads page 110B household 99
McAMFREY,Evaline(11)  Cross Roads page 110B household 99
McAMFREY,Henry(16)  Cross Roads page 110B household 99
McAMFREY,John(24)  Cross Roads page 110B household 99
McAMFREY,John(63)  Cross Roads page 110B household 99
McAMFREY,Mary(9)  Cross Roads page 110B household 99
McAMFREY,Sarah(50)  Cross Roads page 110B household 99
McAMFREY,William(13)  Cross Roads page 110B household 99

McBREER [McBRAYER],Elizabeth(1)  Christy Creek page 100A household 48
McBREER [McBRAYER],James(12)  Christy Creek page 100A household 48
McBREER [McBRAYER],Jane(4)  Christy Creek page 100A household 48
McBREER [McBRAYER],Jane(35)  Christy Creek page 100A household 48
McBREER [McBRAYER],Joseph(16)  Christy Creek page 100A household 48
McBREER [McBRAYER],Lavinia(10)  Christy Creek page 100A household 48
McBREER [McBRAYER],Lewis(40)  Christy Creek page 100A household 48
McBREER [McBRAYER],Lewis(7)  Christy Creek page 100A household 48
McBREER [McBRAYER],Rebecca(15)  Christy Creek page 100A household 48
McBREER [McBRAYER],William(14)  Christy Creek page 100A household 48

McCARTY,Anderson(24)  Cross Roads page 109B household 81
McCARTY,Ann(45)  Cross Roads page 108B household 71
McCARTY,Armilda(20)  Cross Roads page 104A household 1
McCARTY,Catherine(20)  Cross Roads page 108B household 71
McCARTY,Charles(10)  Cross Roads page 109A household 71
McCARTY,Daniel(4)  Cross Roads page 109B household 80
McCARTY,Eliza(21)  Cross Roads page 109B household 81
McCARTY,George(2)  Cross Roads page 109B household 81
McCARTY,John(55)  Cross Roads page 108B household 71
McCARTY,Louvinia(2)  Cross Roads page 109B household 80
McCARTY,Marion(27)  Cross Roads page 109A household 80
McCARTY,Moses(16)  Cross Roads page 108B household 71
McCARTY,Nellie(6/12)  Cross Roads page 109B household 80
McCARTY,Paulina(23)  Cross Roads page 109A household 80
McCARTY,Phebe(13)  Cross Roads page 109A household 71
McCARTY,Rowland(6)  Cross Roads page 109A household 80
McCARTY,Susan(14)  Cross Roads page 108B household 71
McCARTY,Thomas(18)  Cross Roads page 108B household 71
McCARTY,William(21)  Cross Roads page 104A household 1

McCLAIN,Christina(69)  Pearce page 128A household 93
McCLAIN,Elizabeth(15)  Christy Creek page 103A household 89
McCLAIN,Elizabeth(60)  Cross Roads page 105A household 16
McCLAIN,Garrett(7)  Cross Roads page 105A household 16
McCLAIN,James(9)  Christy Creek page 103A household 89
McCLAIN,John(12)  Christy Creek page 103A household 89
McCLAIN,Reeves(21)  Cross Roads page 105A household 16

McCLANAHAN,A.(47)  Pine Grove page 135A household 72
McCLANAHAN,James(9)  Pine Grove page 135A household 72
McCLANAHAN,Lucretia(5)  Pine Grove page 135A household 72
McCLANAHAN,Martha(24)  Pine Grove page 135A household 72
McCLANAHAN,Priscilla(14)  Pine Grove page 135A household 72

McCLOUGHLIN,George(11)  Pine Grove page 134B household 64
McCLOUGHLIN,Hiram(48)  Pine Grove page 134B household 64
McCLOUGHLIN,Jesse(20)  Pine Grove page 134B household 64
McCLOUGHLIN,Kizzy(45)  Pine Grove page 134B household 64
McCLOUGHLIN,Melvina(14)  Pine Grove page 134B household 64
McCLOUGHLIN,Oliver(16)  Pine Grove page 134B household 64

McCLURG,Absalom(14)  Pine Grove page 131A household 21
McCLURG,Alex(55)  Pine Grove page 133B household 52
McCLURG,Amanda(16)  Pine Grove page 131A household 21
McCLURG,Elihu(7)  Pine Grove page 131A household 21
McCLURG,Elizabeth(54)  Pine Grove page 133B household 52
McCLURG,Hannah(35)  Pine Grove page 131A household 21
McCLURG,Jackson(6)  Morehead page 115A household 42
McCLURG,Joanna(1)  Pine Grove page 131A household 21
McCLURG,John(12)  Morehead page 120A household 112
McCLURG,John(24)  Pine Grove page 133B household 52
McCLURG,Joseph(21)  Pine Grove page 135B household 75
McCLURG,Joss(60)  Pine Grove page 131A household 21
McCLURG,Marion(14)  Morehead page 120A household 112
McCLURG,Mary(3)  Pine Grove page 131A household 21
McCLURG,Mary(55)  Pine Grove page 135A household 75
McCLURG,Miriam(20)  Pine Grove page 133B household 52
McCLURG,Robert(60)  Pine Grove page 135A household 75
McCLURG,Roley(35)  Pine Grove page 135B household 75
McCLURG,Samuel(5)  Pine Grove page 131A household 21

McCOY,Austin(30)  Cross Roads page 105B household 21

McCRACKEN,Elizabeth(65)  Cross Roads page 106A household 31

McDANIEL,Elizabeth(15)  Christy Creek page 100B household 57
McDANIEL,Elizabeth(49)  Christy Creek page 100B household 57
McDANIEL,George W.(2)  Christy Creek page 100B household 56
McDANIEL,George(55)  Christy Creek page 100B household 57
McDANIEL,Martha(27)  Christy Creek page 100B household 56
McDANIEL,Mary(17)  Christy Creek page 100B household 57
McDANIEL,Moses(20)  Christy Creek page 100B household 57
McDANIEL,William(26)  Christy Creek page 100B household 56

McINTYRE,Alice(16)  Pearce page 128B household 101
McINTYRE,Daniel(52)  Morehead page 120A household 109
McINTYRE,Elizabeth(35)  Morehead page 120A household 109
McINTYRE,George(4)  Morehead page 120A household 109
McINTYRE,James(17)  Morehead page 120A household 109
McINTYRE,Jasper(18)  Pearce page 128B household 101
McINTYRE,John(11)  Morehead page 120A household 109
McINTYRE,Marshall(12)  Pearce page 128B household 101
McINTYRE,May(9)  Morehead page 120A household 109

McKINNEVAN,William(36)  Cross Roads page 110A household 95

McKINNEY,Archibald(17)  Pearce page 126A household 65
McKINNEY,Cordelia(38)  Pearce page 126A household 65
McKINNEY,Edward(15)  Pearce page 126A household 65
McKINNEY,Elizabeth(4)  Pearce page 126A household 65
McKINNEY,John(8)  Pearce page 126A household 65
McKINNEY,Joseph(46)  Pearce page 126A household 65
McKINNEY,Lily(6)  Pearce page 126A household 65
McKINNEY,Nancy(13)  Pearce page 126A household 65
McKINNEY,Nora(2)  Pearce page 126A household 65

McKINSEY,Lorenzo(39)  Pearce page 129A household 106
McKINSEY,Martha(38)  Pearce page 129A household 106

McMILLAN,Lydia(19)  Christy Creek page 96B household 9
McMILLAN,Wm(23)  Christy Creek page 96B household 9

McROBERTS,Aaron(20)  Pine Grove page 132A household 31
McROBERTS,Aaron(6/12)  Pine Grove page 132A household 32
McROBERTS,Daniel(14)  Pine Grove page 132A household 31
McROBERTS,Daniel(23)  Pine Grove page 133A household 48
McROBERTS,David(18)  Pine Grove page 132A household 31
McROBERTS,James(10)  Pine Grove page 131A household 22
McROBERTS,James(26)  Pine Grove page 132A household 32
McROBERTS,James(47)  Pine Grove page 133A household 48
McROBERTS,John(29)  Pine Grove page 131A household 22
McROBERTS,Kerilla(8)  Pine Grove page 132A household 31
McROBERTS,Lewis(17)  Pine Grove page 130B household 14
McROBERTS,Louisa(35)  Pine Grove page 131A household 22
McROBERTS,Malinda(23)  Pine Grove page 132A household 32
McROBERTS,Margaret(5)  Pine Grove page 132A household 31
McROBERTS,Margery(10)  Pine Grove page 133A household 48
McROBERTS,Michael(12)  Pine Grove page 132A household 31
McROBERTS,Miranda(48)  Pine Grove page 132A household 31
McROBERTS,Ollefa (f)(19)  Pine Grove page 133A household 48
McROBERTS,Paulina(21)  Pine Grove page 133A household 48
McROBERTS,Samuel(16)  Pine Grove page 132A household 31
McROBERTS,Samuel(2)  Pine Grove page 132A household 32
McROBERTS,Samuel(53)  Pine Grove page 132A household 31
McROBERTS,Sarah(12)  Pine Grove page 133A household 48
McROBERTS,Sarah(44)  Pine Grove page 133A household 48
McROBERTS,Susan(52)  Pine Grove page 130B household 14
McROBERTS,William(54)  Pine Grove page 130B household 14

MEAD,Elizabeth(42)  Pine Grove page 131A household 19
MEAD,Lucinda(13)  Pine Grove page 131A household 19
MEAD,Malinda(9)  Pine Grove page 131A household 19
MEAD,Mary(15)  Pine Grove page 131A household 19
MEAD,Nancy(4)  Pine Grove page 131A household 19
MEAD,Rhodes(21)  Pine Grove page 131A household 19
MEAD,Roley(11)  Pine Grove page 131A household 19
MEAD,Thomas(45)  Pine Grove page 131A household 19
MEAD,Thomas(7)  Pine Grove page 131A household 19
MEAD,William(18)  Pine Grove page 131A household 19

MESSER,Alexander(9)  Christy Creek page 102B household 84
MESSER,Hiram(15)  Christy Creek page 102B household 84
MESSER,James(2)  Christy Creek page 102B household 84
MESSER,Luanna(7)  Christy Creek page 102B household 84
MESSER,Margaret(37)  Christy Creek page 102B household 84
MESSER,Moses(40)  Christy Creek page 102B household 84
MESSER,William(12)  Christy Creek page 102B household 84

MILLER,Mattie(12)  Christy Creek page 102B household 83

MOODY,Clothilda(9)  Cross Roads page 104A household 5
MOODY,George(3)  Cross Roads page 104B household 12
MOODY,Ivelia(24)  Cross Roads page 104B household 12
MOODY,James(6)  Cross Roads page 104B household 12
MOODY,Joseph(25)  Cross Roads page 104B household 12
MOODY,Lotta(2/12)  Cross Roads page 104B household 12
MOODY,Lucy(2)  Cross Roads page 104A household 5
MOODY,Margaret(34)  Cross Roads page 104A household 5
MOODY,Mary(4)  Cross Roads page 104A household 5
MOODY,Scott(33)  Cross Roads page 104A household 5

MOORE,Celia(40)  Cross Roads page 106B household 39
MOORE,Edward(15)  Cross Roads page 106B household 39
MOORE,Elizabeth(12)  Cross Roads page 106B household 39
MOORE,Elizabeth(18)  Morehead page 112A household 5
MOORE,Henry(9)  Cross Roads page 106B household 39
MOORE,James(21)  Morehead page 112A household 6
MOORE,Martha(19)  Morehead page 112A household 6
MOORE,William(4/12)  Morehead page 112A household 6
MOORE,William(54)  Cross Roads page 106B household 39

MORGAN,Delancy (f)(3)  Christy Creek page 103A household 88
MORGAN,Elizabeth(29)  Christy Creek page 103A household 88
MORGAN,Jackson(31)  Christy Creek page 103A household 88
MORGAN,John(30)  Cross Roads page 110A household 90
MORGAN,John(6/12)  Christy Creek page 103A household 88
MORGAN,Mary(7)  Christy Creek page 103A household 88
MORGAN,Sarah(9)  Christy Creek page 103A household 88

MORRIS,Alice(6/12)  Morehead page 114A household 33
MORRIS,Elizabeth(6)  Morehead page 114A household 33
MORRIS,John(15)  Morehead page 114A household 33
MORRIS,Nancy(33)  Morehead page 114A household 33
MORRIS,Sarah(13)  Morehead page 114A household 33
MORRIS,Savannah(10)  Morehead page 114A household 33
MORRIS,Wesley(4)  Morehead page 114A household 33
MORRIS,William(8)  Morehead page 114A household 33
MORRIS,Zack(45)  Morehead page 114A household 33

MUSE,Amanda(9)  Pine Grove page 130A household 8
MUSE,Eliza(12)  Pine Grove page 130A household 8
MUSE,Fantly (m)(5)  Pine Grove page 130A household 8
MUSE,George(7)  Pine Grove page 130A household 8
MUSE,Henry(1/12)  Pine Grove page 130A household 8
MUSE,Martha(2)  Pine Grove page 130A household 8
MUSE,Mary(14)  Pine Grove page 130A household 8
MUSE,Sarvia(38)  Pine Grove page 130A household 8
MUSE,William D.(57)  Pine Grove page 130A household 8

MYERS,Apthela(11)  Cross Roads page 111A household 108
MYERS,David(15)  Cross Roads page 111A household 108
MYERS,David(40)  Pearce page 128B household 103
MYERS,Edmund(8)  Cross Roads page 111A household 108
MYERS,Fannie(12)  Morehead page 116A household 57
MYERS,Henry R.(59)  Cross Roads page 111A household 108
MYERS,James(1)  Pearce page 127A household 78
MYERS,John(34)  Cross Roads page 111A household 108
MYERS,Joseph(30)  Pearce page 127A household 78
MYERS,Joseph(7)  Pearce page 127A household 78
MYERS,Marena(45)  Pearce page 128B household 103
MYERS,Mary(24)  Pearce page 127A household 78
MYERS,Mary(28)  Morehead page 116A household 57
MYERS,May(5)  Pearce page 127A household 78
MYERS,Millard(13)  Cross Roads page 111A household 108
MYERS,Monroe(7)  Morehead page 116A household 57
MYERS,Parmelia(57)  Cross Roads page 111A household 108
MYERS,Thomas(3)  Pearce page 127A household 78
MYERS,Thomas(35)  Cross Roads page 105B household 21
MYERS,Thomas(35)  Morehead page 116A household 57

MYNHIER,Annie(2)  Pearce page 125A household 52
MYNHIER,Dorotha(39)  Pearce page 124B household 43
MYNHIER,Edmund(3)  Pearce page 125A household 52
MYNHIER,George(10/12)  Pearce page 125A household 52
MYNHIER,John(11)  Pearce page 125A household 52
MYNHIER,John(24)  Pearce page 124B household 43
MYNHIER,Jonathan(38)  Pearce page 125A household 52
MYNHIER,Jonathan(41)  Pearce page 124B household 43
MYNHIER,Louida(11)  Pearce page 124B household 43
MYNHIER,Marion (m)(7)  Pearce page 125A household 52
MYNHIER,Martha(9)  Pearce page 125A household 52
MYNHIER,Mary(14)  Pearce page 124B household 43
MYNHIER,Mary(37)  Pearce page 125A household 52
MYNHIER,Nancy(16)  Pearce page 124B household 43
MYNHIER,Thomas(5)  Pearce page 125A household 52
MYNHIER,William(13)  Pearce page 125A household 52

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