Rowan County Kentucky Census Records

1870 Census of Rowan County, Kentucky

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SURNAMEGiven nameAge  Precinct & pageHousehold

NANCE,John(34)  Christy Creek page 102B household 80
NANCE,Martha(15)  Christy Creek page 102B household 80
NANCE,Mary(11)  Christy Creek page 102B household 80
NANCE,Mary(33)  Christy Creek page 102B household 80
NANCE,Nancy(9)  Christy Creek page 102B household 80
NANCE,Quintena(7)  Christy Creek page 102B household 80
NANCE,Sarah(1/12)  Christy Creek page 102B household 80
NANCE,Silas(4)  Christy Creek page 102B household 80

NEAL,Damy(7)  Pearce page 128A household 90

NEWELL,John(4)  Pine Grove page 135A household 69
NEWELL,Margaret(1)  Pine Grove page 135A household 69
NEWELL,Sarah(22)  Pine Grove page 135A household 69
NEWELL,William(30)  Pine Grove page 135A household 69

NICKELL,Amanda(7)  Christy Creek page 101A household 62
NICKELL,Andrew(55)  Morehead page 112B household 14
NICKELL,Caroline(18)  Christy Creek page 100B household 62
NICKELL,Cassandra(21)  Morehead page 113B household 28
NICKELL,Cassie(22)  Morehead page 113A household 18
NICKELL,David(7)  Morehead page 112B household 14
NICKELL,Dulcina(43)  Christy Creek page 100B household 62
NICKELL,Elizabeth(17)  Morehead page 113B household 28
NICKELL,Fowler(50)  Christy Creek page 99B household 45
NICKELL,George(22)  Morehead page 112B household 14
NICKELL,Greenup(17)  Morehead page 113B household 24
NICKELL,Greenup(44)  Christy Creek page 100B household 62
NICKELL,Hannah(20)  Morehead page 113B household 25
NICKELL,Henrietta(45)  Morehead page 112B household 14
NICKELL,James A.(25)  Morehead page 113B household 26
NICKELL,James W.(25)  Morehead page 113B household 25
NICKELL,Jerry(15)  Morehead page 113B household 24
NICKELL,John(15)  Morehead page 113B household 28
NICKELL,Julianna(12)  Christy Creek page 99B household 45
NICKELL,Lucinda(48)  Morehead page 113B household 24
NICKELL,Malvina(11)  Morehead page 113B household 28
NICKELL,Martha(24)  Morehead page 113B household 28
NICKELL,Martha(9)  Christy Creek page 101A household 62
NICKELL,Mary(13)  Morehead page 113B household 28
NICKELL,Minerva(10)  Christy Creek page 99B household 45
NICKELL,Nancy(3/12)  Morehead page 113B household 25
NICKELL,Nancy(46)  Christy Creek page 98B household 35
NICKELL,Newton(12)  Morehead page 113B household 24
NICKELL,Queen Mary(16)  Christy Creek page 100B household 62
NICKELL,Rachel(47)  Morehead page 113B household 28
NICKELL,Robert(20)  Morehead page 113B household 24
NICKELL,Robert(60)  Morehead page 113B household 28
NICKELL,Samuel(8)  Christy Creek page 99B household 45
NICKELL,Sarah(19)  Morehead page 113B household 26
NICKELL,Sarah(20)  Morehead page 114B household 37
NICKELL,William(10)  Morehead page 112B household 14
NICKELL,William(13)  Christy Creek page 100B household 62
NICKELL,William(50)  Morehead page 113B household 24

NORRIS,Granville(3)  Cross Roads page 111B household 112
NORRIS,Harrison(8)  Cross Roads page 111B household 112
NORRIS,Harvey(14)  Cross Roads page 111B household 112
NORRIS,James(16)  Cross Roads page 111B household 112
NORRIS,Jane(12)  Cross Roads page 111B household 112
NORRIS,Lucy(44)  Cross Roads page 111B household 112
NORRIS,Luther(5)  Cross Roads page 111B household 112
NORRIS,William(48)  Cross Roads page 111B household 112

OSBORNE,Rachel(10)  Morehead page 113A household 20

OTIS,Elizabeth(40)  Cross Roads page 105A household 18
OTIS,Elizy(14)  Cross Roads page 105A household 18
OTIS,John(11)  Cross Roads page 105A household 18
OTIS,John(45)  Cross Roads page 105A household 18
OTIS,Melissa(16)  Cross Roads page 105A household 18

OWENS,John(8)  Morehead page 118B household 93
OWENS,Levi(32)  Morehead page 118B household 93
OWENS,Mary(27)  Morehead page 118B household 93
OWENS,Sarah(13)  Morehead page 118B household 93
OWENS,Seymour(2)  Morehead page 118B household 93

OXLEY,Isabella(64)  Morehead page 114B household 39
OXLEY,James(22)  Morehead page 114B household 39
OXLEY,Maxey(10)  Morehead page 113A household 20
OXLEY,Phillip(8)  Morehead page 113A household 20
OXLEY,Thomas(27)  Morehead page 114B household 39

PADGETT,Addison(8)  Cross Roads page 107B household 49
PADGETT,Catherine(3)  Cross Roads page 107B household 49
PADGETT,Catherine(33)  Cross Roads page 107A household 49
PADGETT,Florence(3)  Cross Roads page 106B household 36
PADGETT,Franklin(34)  Cross Roads page 107A household 49
PADGETT,George(12)  Cross Roads page 107B household 55
PADGETT,George(55)  Cross Roads page 106A household 33
PADGETT,Harriet(11)  Cross Roads page 107B household 49
PADGETT,Harriet(12)  Cross Roads page 106A household 33
PADGETT,Harvey(29)  Cross Roads page 106B household 36
PADGETT,Isabella(18)  Cross Roads page 106A household 33
PADGETT,James(10)  Cross Roads page 107B household 55
PADGETT,James(33)  Cross Roads page 107B household 55
PADGETT,Jane(10)  Cross Roads page 106A household 33
PADGETT,John(11/12)  Cross Roads page 106B household 40
PADGETT,John(27)  Cross Roads page 106B household 40
PADGETT,John(8)  Cross Roads page 108A household 55
PADGETT,Josephine(8)  Cross Roads page 109B household 82
PADGETT,Laura(9)  Cross Roads page 106B household 36
PADGETT,Lily(5)  Cross Roads page 109B household 82
PADGETT,Marcelite(16)  Cross Roads page 109B household 82
PADGETT,Margaret(22)  Cross Roads page 106B household 40
PADGETT,Marion (m)(1)  Cross Roads page 106B household 36
PADGETT,Mary(3)  Cross Roads page 106B household 40
PADGETT,Mary(33)  Cross Roads page 109B household 82
PADGETT,Mary(5)  Cross Roads page 107B household 49
PADGETT,Minerva(25)  Cross Roads page 106B household 36
PADGETT,Monroe(3)  Cross Roads page 109B household 82
PADGETT,Rosalie(10)  Cross Roads page 109B household 82
PADGETT,Rosalie(14)  Cross Roads page 106A household 33
PADGETT,Sanford(9)  Cross Roads page 108A household 55
PADGETT,Saphronie(3)  Cross Roads page 108A household 55
PADGETT,Sarah(1)  Cross Roads page 107B household 49
PADGETT,Sarah(28)  Cross Roads page 107B household 55
PADGETT,Sherman(4)  Cross Roads page 106B household 40
PADGETT,Tennessee(16)  Cross Roads page 106A household 33
PADGETT,Tilford(6)  Cross Roads page 106B household 36
PADGETT,Virginia(20)  Cross Roads page 106A household 33
PADGETT,William(13)  Cross Roads page 109B household 82
PADGETT,William(23)  Cross Roads page 106A household 33
PADGETT,William(43)  Cross Roads page 109B household 82

PARISH,Mary(12)  Morehead page 112A household 9
PARISH,Samuel(47)  Morehead page 112A household 9
PARISH,Sarah(40)  Morehead page 112A household 9
PARISH,William(6)  Morehead page 112A household 9

PARKER,Benjamin(19)  Christy Creek page 100B household 59
PARKER,Bob Lee(3)  Christy Creek page 100B household 61
PARKER,Cornelius(13)  Christy Creek page 100B household 58
PARKER,James(27)  Christy Creek page 100B household 61
PARKER,Joel(77)  Christy Creek page 100B household 59
PARKER,John(41)  Christy Creek page 100B household 58
PARKER,Lewis(24)  Christy Creek page 100B household 59
PARKER,Louisa(16)  Christy Creek page 100B household 58
PARKER,Martha(3)  Christy Creek page 100B household 61
PARKER,Nancy(22)  Christy Creek page 100B household 61
PARKER,Nancy(36)  Christy Creek page 100B household 59
PARKER,Samuel(7)  Christy Creek page 100B household 58
PARKER,William(10)  Christy Creek page 100B household 58

PATTERSON,Anna(8)  Morehead page 115B household 49
PATTERSON,Edward(15)  Morehead page 115B household 49
PATTERSON,Elizabeth(10)  Morehead page 115B household 49
PATTERSON,Ellen(26)  Morehead page 115B household 49
PATTERSON,Henry(21)  Cross Roads page 105A household 19
PATTERSON,Henry(22)  Morehead page 115B household 49
PATTERSON,Israel(13)  Morehead page 115B household 49
PATTERSON,James(17)  Morehead page 115B household 49
PATTERSON,James(60)  Morehead page 115A household 49
PATTERSON,Robert(15)  Morehead page 115B household 49
PATTERSON,Sarah(45)  Morehead page 115A household 49

PATTON,Alexander(7)  Morehead page 115A household 46
PATTON,Andrew(24)  Christy Creek page 102B household 82
PATTON,Charles(48)  Morehead page 115A household 46
PATTON,Cynthia(3)  Morehead page 115A household 46
PATTON,Darcus(13)  Morehead page 115A household 46
PATTON,Edward(23)  Morehead page 119A household 101
PATTON,Edward(24)  Morehead page 115A household 46
PATTON,Fannie(17)  Morehead page 115A household 46
PATTON,Greenville(60)  Morehead page 113B household 27
PATTON,Jackson(11)  Morehead page 115A household 46
PATTON,Jackson(12)  Morehead page 113B household 27
PATTON,John(22)  Morehead page 115B household 50
PATTON,Littleton(22)  Morehead page 113B household 27
PATTON,Marinda(20)  Morehead page 115B household 50
PATTON,Mary(20)  Christy Creek page 102B household 82
PATTON,Nancy(45)  Morehead page 115A household 46
PATTON,Rosanna(9/12)  Morehead page 115B household 50
PATTON,William(14)  Morehead page 113B household 27
PATTON,William(4/12)  Christy Creek page 102B household 82

PEARSON,Joseph(58)  Pearce page 126A household 67

PELFREY,Edward(37)  Christy Creek page 98B household 33
PELFREY,Fleming(21)  Christy Creek page 101A household 67
PELFREY,John(9)  Christy Creek page 98B household 33
PELFREY,Lydia(12)  Christy Creek page 98B household 33
PELFREY,Sarah(35)  Christy Creek page 98B household 33

PERRY,James(12)  Cross Roads page 109A household 74
PERRY,John(10)  Cross Roads page 109A household 74
PERRY,Marshall(14)  Cross Roads page 109A household 74
PERRY,Mary(8)  Cross Roads page 109A household 74

PETTIT,Benjamin(40)  Pearce page 125A household 48
PETTIT,Bluford(12)  Pearce page 125A household 48
PETTIT,John(2)  Christy Creek page 97B household 22
PETTIT,John(2)  Pearce page 125A household 48
PETTIT,Leander(15)  Pearce page 125A household 48
PETTIT,Louisa(37)  Pearce page 125A household 48
PETTIT,Martha(15)  Pearce page 125A household 48
PETTIT,Martha(8)  Christy Creek page 97B household 22
PETTIT,Mary(29)  Christy Creek page 97B household 22
PETTIT,Nancy(6)  Christy Creek page 97B household 22
PETTIT,Nancy(8)  Pine Grove page 133A household 49
PETTIT,Presley(39)  Christy Creek page 97B household 22

PHELPS,Aletha(39)  Cross Roads page 107B household 53
PHELPS,David(22)  Cross Roads page 106A household 32
PHELPS,Harriet(21)  Morehead page 120A household 115
PHELPS,Isaac(47)  Morehead page 120A household 115
PHELPS,Isaac(9)  Morehead page 120B household 115
PHELPS,John(3)  Morehead page 120B household 115
PHELPS,Kate(10)  Morehead page 116A household 55
PHELPS,Littleton(46)  Cross Roads page 107B household 53
PHELPS,Louisa(12)  Morehead page 116A household 55
PHELPS,Louvinia(3)  Morehead page 116A household 55
PHELPS,Lucy(45)  Morehead page 120A household 115
PHELPS,Mahala(16)  Morehead page 116A household 55
PHELPS,Martha(4)  Cross Roads page 107B household 53
PHELPS,Martha(42)  Morehead page 116A household 55
PHELPS,Martha(7)  Morehead page 116A household 55
PHELPS,Mary(18)  Morehead page 116A household 55
PHELPS,Mary(19)  Morehead page 120A household 115
PHELPS,Mary(21)  Cross Roads page 106A household 32
PHELPS,Nancy(14)  Morehead page 116A household 55
PHELPS,Nancy(2)  Cross Roads page 107B household 53
PHELPS,Oretha (f)(13)  Morehead page 120A household 108
PHELPS,Rhodes(20)  Morehead page 116A household 55
PHELPS,Richard Z.(45)  Morehead page 116A household 55
PHELPS,Sallie(6/12)  Cross Roads page 106A household 32

PHILLIPS,Jane(17)  Pearce page 124A household 36
PHILLIPS,John(16)  Pearce page 124A household 36
PHILLIPS,Joseph(47)  Pearce page 124A household 36
PHILLIPS,Malinda(51)  Pearce page 124A household 36
PHILLIPS,Mary(22)  Pearce page 124A household 35
PHILLIPS,Samuel(19)  Pearce page 124A household 36
PHILLIPS,William(20)  Pearce page 124A household 35
PHILLIPS,William W.(52)  Pearce page 124A household 36

PIGMAN,Clarinda(18)  Christy Creek page 103A household 87
PIGMAN,Elizabeth(39)  Morehead page 112B household 12
PIGMAN,Ella(1/12)  Morehead page 112B household 12
PIGMAN,Hiram(13)  Morehead page 112B household 12
PIGMAN,Humphrey(47)  Morehead page 112B household 12
PIGMAN,John(6)  Morehead page 112B household 12
PIGMAN,Margaret(9)  Morehead page 112B household 12
PIGMAN,Maria(22)  Morehead page 112B household 12
PIGMAN,Marinda(17)  Morehead page 112B household 12
PIGMAN,Marion (m)(11)  Morehead page 112B household 12
PIGMAN,Mary(4)  Morehead page 112B household 12
PIGMAN,Rose(15)  Morehead page 112B household 12
PIGMAN,Wesley(21)  Christy Creek page 103A household 87

PLANCK,Annie(4)  Pine Grove page 131B household 24
PLANCK,Harvey(2)  Pine Grove page 131B household 24
PLANCK,Jacob(62)  Pine Grove page 130B household 17
PLANCK,James(8)  Pine Grove page 131B household 24
PLANCK,Jane(10)  Pine Grove page 131B household 24
PLANCK,Jane(13)  Pearce page 128B household 96
PLANCK,John(13)  Pine Grove page 131B household 24
PLANCK,Malinda(22)  Pine Grove page 131B household 24
PLANCK,Michael(6)  Pine Grove page 131B household 24
PLANCK,Preston(33)  Pine Grove page 131B household 24

POWERS,Abram(13)  Cross Roads page 107B household 52
POWERS,Elias(26)  Cross Roads page 108A household 61
POWER,George(29)  Morehead page 119A household 100
POWER,Hannah(24)  Morehead page 119A household 100
POWERS,Henry(21)  Pearce page 125A household 53
POWERS,Henry(35)  Cross Roads page 107B household 52
POWERS,Jacob(18)  Pearce page 125A household 53
POWERS,James(2/12)  Cross Roads page 108A household 61
POWERS,John(15)  Pearce page 125A household 53
POWERS,Margaret(34)  Cross Roads page 107B household 52
POWER,Mary(5/12)  Morehead page 119A household 100
POWERS,Nancy(48)  Pearce page 125A household 53
POWERS,Rosaline(23)  Cross Roads page 108A household 61

PRATHER,Annie(45)  Pearce page 122A household 3
PRATHER,Franklin(22)  Pearce page 122A household 3

PRYOR,James(25)  Pearce page 127B household 81
PRYOR,James(4/12)  Pearce page 127B household 81
PRYOR,John(2)  Pearce page 127B household 81
PRYOR,Mary(21)  Pearce page 127B household 81

PURVIS,Aaron(5)  Cross Roads page 104B household 9
PURVIS,Alice(7)  Morehead page 117A household 72
PURVIS,Amanda(21)  Cross Roads page 104B household 9
PURVIS,America(14)  Morehead page 117A household 72
PURVIS,Annie(62)  Morehead page 119B household 104
PURVIS,Armilda(15)  Cross Roads page 104B household 8
PURVIS,Edward(2)  Cross Roads page 104A household 3
PURVIS,Elizabeth(2)  Morehead page 117A household 72
PURVIS,Francis(66)  Morehead page 119B household 104
PURVIS,Frank(30)  Cross Roads page 104A household 3
PURVIS,George(57)  Morehead page 117A household 72
PURVIS,Hiram(29)  Morehead page 115A household 48
PURVIS,James(4)  Cross Roads page 104A household 3
PURVIS,Jeanette(9)  Cross Roads page 104A household 3
PURVIS,John(1)  Morehead page 115A household 48
PURVIS,Jonathan(37)  Cross Roads page 104A household 8
PURVIS,Joseph(19)  Cross Roads page 104B household 9
PURVIS,Joseph(25)  Cross Roads page 104A household 7
PURVIS,Josephine(12)  Morehead page 117A household 72
PURVIS,Margaret(48)  Morehead page 117A household 72
PURVIS,Margaret(64)  Cross Roads page 104A household 7
PURVIS,Martha(10)  Morehead page 117A household 72
PURVIS,Mary(2)  Morehead page 115A household 48
PURVIS,Mary(30)  Cross Roads page 104A household 3
PURVIS,Mary(32)  Cross Roads page 104B household 9
PURVIS,Mary(35)  Cross Roads page 104A household 8
PURVIS,Matthew(62)  Cross Roads page 104B household 9
PURVIS,Matthew(9)  Cross Roads page 104A household 8
PURVIS,Millie(23)  Cross Roads page 104B household 9
PURVIS,Queen Ann(4)  Morehead page 115A household 48
PURVIS,Rebecca(61)  Cross Roads page 104B household 9
PURVIS,Sarah(23)  Morehead page 115A household 48
PURVIS,Sarilda(15)  Cross Roads page 104B household 8
PURVIS,Thomas(6)  Cross Roads page 104A household 3
PURVIS,U. S. Grant(4)  Morehead page 117A household 72
PURVIS,William(7)  Cross Roads page 104A household 3

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