Rowan County Kentucky Census Records

1870 Census of Rowan County, Kentucky

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SURNAMEGiven nameAge  Precinct & pageHousehold

RAGLAND,William(34)  Christy Creek page 101A household 63

RAMEY,Alice(4)  Pearce page 128A household 87
RAMEY,Alvin(35)  Pearce page 127A household 76
RAMEY,Andrew(10)  Pearce page 126B household 69
RAMEY,Berthena(7)  Pearce page 127A household 76
RAIMEY,Charles(8)  Pine Grove page 131B household 29
RAMEY,Delilah(21)  Pearce page 127B household 87
RAMEY,Elizabeth(3)  Pearce page 127A household 76
RAMEY,Emily(17)  Pearce page 129A household 104
RAMEY,Eunice(43)  Pearce page 126B household 69
RAMEY,Franklin(21)  Pearce page 126B household 69
RAIMEY,George(2)  Pine Grove page 132A household 30
RAMEY,Gilly(22)  Pearce page 127B household 86
RAMEY,Harrison(24)  Pearce page 126B household 70
RAMEY,Harrison(56)  Pearce page 129A household 104
RAMEY,Helen(18)  Pearce page 129A household 105
RAMEY,Jackson(2)  Pearce page 128A household 87
RAIMEY,James(7)  Pine Grove page 131B household 29
RAMEY,James(16)  Pearce page 126B household 69
RAMEY,Jasper(16)  Pearce page 127B household 86
RAMEY,Jerry(66)  Pearce page 126B household 69
RAMEY,Joanna(5)  Pearce page 127A household 76
RAMEY,John(22)  Pearce page 129A household 105
RAMEY,Jonathan(11)  Pearce page 127A household 76
RAMEY,Lucy(12)  Pearce page 129A household 104
RAMEY,Lydia(6/12)  Pearce page 127A household 76
RAMEY,Malinda(7)  Pearce page 127B household 86
RAIMEY,Margaret(12)  Pine Grove page 131B household 29
RAMEY,Maria(43)  Pearce page 129A household 104
RAMEY,Martha(18)  Pearce page 127B household 86
RAIMEY,Mary(4/12)  Pine Grove page 131B household 29
RAMEY,Mary(9)  Pearce page 127A household 76
RAMEY,Mary(18)  Pearce page 126B household 69
RAMEY,Rachel(34)  Pearce page 127A household 76
RAMEY,Rebecca(26)  Pearce page 126B household 70
RAMEY,Richard(14)  Pearce page 126B household 69
RAMEY,Samuel(11)  Pearce page 128B household 99
RAMEY,Samuel(5)  Pearce page 126B household 69
RAIMEY,Sarah(23)  Pine Grove page 132A household 30
RAMEY,Thomas(23)  Pearce page 126B household 69
RAIMEY,Thomas(34)  Pine Grove page 132A household 30
RAMEY,Thomas(57)  Pearce page 127B household 86
RAMEY,William(26)  Pearce page 127B household 87
RAMEY,William(8)  Pearce page 126B household 69

RATLIFF,John(1)  Cross Roads page 105A household 15
RATLIFF,Joseph(7)  Cross Roads page 105A household 15
RATLIFF,Lewis(13)  Cross Roads page 105A household 15
RATLIFF,Mary(9)  Cross Roads page 105A household 15
RATLIFF,Nancy(17)  Cross Roads page 105A household 15
RATLIFF,Rachel(4)  Cross Roads page 105A household 15
RATLIFF,Rhoda(15)  Cross Roads page 105A household 15
RATLIFF,Robert(44)  Cross Roads page 105A household 15
RATLIFF,Samuel(20)  Cross Roads page 105A household 15
RATLIFF,Sarah(40)  Cross Roads page 105A household 15

RAWLINGS,Allen(28)  Cross Roads page 109A household 79
RAWLINGS,Charles(23)  Morehead page 118A household 84
RAWLINGS,Lucy(19)  Morehead page 118A household 84
RAWLINGS,Mary(2)  Cross Roads page 109A household 79
RAWLINGS,Nancy(20)  Cross Roads page 109A household 79
RAWLINGS,Thomas(7/12)  Cross Roads page 109A household 79
RAWLINGS,William(1)  Morehead page 118A household 84

RAYBURN,America(18)  Pine Grove page 135A household 74
RAYBURN,Benjamin(49)  Pine Grove page 135A household 74
RAYBURN,James(15)  Pine Grove page 135A household 74
RAYBURN,Lewis(10)  Pine Grove page 135A household 74
RAYBURN,Mahala(13)  Pine Grove page 135A household 74
RAYBURN,Martha(37)  Pine Grove page 135A household 74
RAYBURN,Will Fleming(1)  Pine Grove page 135A household 74

RAZOR,Alonzo(3)  Cross Roads page 109B household 84
RAZOR,America(4)  Morehead page 119A household 97
RAZOR,Annie(22)  Cross Roads page 109B household 85
RAZOR,Edmund(22)  Cross Roads page 109B household 85
RAZOR,Elizabeth(10)  Morehead page 119A household 97
RAZER,Elizabeth(25)  Cross Roads page 107A household 46
RAZOR,George(13)  Morehead page 119A household 97
RAZER,Henry(30)  Cross Roads page 107A household 46
RAZER,Jackson(27)  Cross Roads page 107A household 46
RAZOR,James W.(24)  Cross Roads page 109B household 85
RAZOR,John H.(29)  Cross Roads page 109B household 84
RAZOR,John(21)  Cross Roads page 109A household 77
RAZOR,Martha(19)  Cross Roads page 109A household 77
RAZER,Martha(20)  Cross Roads page 107A household 46
RAZOR,Mary(22)  Cross Roads page 109B household 85
RAZOR,Mary(28)  Cross Roads page 109B household 84
RAZOR,Mary(5/10)  Cross Roads page 109A household 77
RAZER,Sarah(61)  Cross Roads page 107A household 46
RAZOR,Susanna(34)  Morehead page 119A household 97
RAZOR,Thomas(24)  Cross Roads page 109A household 79
RAZOR,William(35)  Morehead page 119A household 97

REED,Ellen(21)  Pearce page 127A household 74
REED,Lucinda(48)  Pearce page 126B household 67
REED,Nancy(58)  Pine Grove page 133A household 46

REEVES,Eddy Mae (f)(2)  Cross Roads page 105A household 17
REEVES,Eliza(20)  Morehead page 116B household 63
REEVES,Eliza(28)  Cross Roads page 105A household 17
REEVES,Fidelia(16)  Morehead page 116B household 63
REEVES,Ida Coe(4)  Cross Roads page 105A household 17
REEVES,James(26)  Morehead page 116B household 63
REEVES,John(17)  Morehead page 114A household 34
REEVES,John(32)  Cross Roads page 105A household 17
REEVES,Loucretia(13)  Morehead page 116B household 63
REEVES,Lucinda(6)  Cross Roads page 105A household 17
REEVES,Mahala(24)  Morehead page 116B household 63
REEVES,Mary(11)  Morehead page 116B household 63
REEVES,Mary(49)  Morehead page 116B household 63
REEVES,Minnie(10/12)  Morehead page 116B household 63
REEVES,Rosa(9)  Morehead page 116B household 63
REEVES,Spencer(51)  Morehead page 116B household 63
REEVES,William(7)  Cross Roads page 105A household 17

RICE,John(27)  Cross Roads page 110A household 90

RICHARDS,Amanda(4)  Cross Roads page 108A household 59
RICHARDS,Ashley(47)  Morehead page 113A household 17
RICHARDS,James(2)  Cross Roads page 108A household 59
RICHARDS,Milly(76)  Morehead page 120A household 114
RICHARDS,Sarah(36)  Cross Roads page 108A household 59
RICHARDS,Wesley(39)  Cross Roads page 108A household 59

RIDDLE,Adeline(60)  Pearce page 122A household 5
RIDDLE,Amanda(17)  Pearce page 122A household 6
RIDDLE,Annie(10)  Pearce page 122A household 7
RIDDLE,Commodore(22)  Pearce page 122A household 6
RIDDLE,Emma(7)  Pearce page 122A household 7
RIDDLE,John(15)  Pearce page 122A household 5
RIDDLE,John(62)  Pearce page 122A household 5
RIDDLE,Mary(26)  Pearce page 122A household 6
RIDDLE,Mary(5)  Pearce page 122A household 7
RIDDLE,Nathan(34)  Pearce page 122A household 7
RIDDLE,Nora(2)  Pearce page 122A household 7
RIDDLE,Sarah(18)  Pearce page 122A household 5
RIDDLE,Susan(29)  Pearce page 122A household 7

ROBARDS,Rosa(18)  Pine Grove page 131B household 25

ROBERTS,Amanda(15)  Morehead page 112A household 7
ROBERTS,Eliza(9)  Morehead page 112A household 7
ROBERTS,Hiram(57)  Morehead page 112A household 7
ROBERTS,Hiram(7)  Morehead page 112A household 7
ROBERTS,Isaac(20)  Morehead page 112A household 7
ROBERTS,James(21)  Morehead page 112A household 8
ROBERTS,Jane(51)  Morehead page 112A household 7
ROBERTS,Leander(11)  Morehead page 112A household 7
ROBERTS,Loucinda(13)  Morehead page 112A household 7
ROBERTS,Martha(21)  Morehead page 112A household 7
ROBERTS,Milly(21)  Morehead page 112A household 8
ROBERTS,Richard(18)  Morehead page 112A household 7
ROBERTS,Troy(11)  Cross Roads page 108A household 57
ROBERTS,William(25)  Morehead page 112A household 7

ROBINSON,Elizabeth(40)  Cross Roads page 107B household 51
ROBINSON,James(28)  Morehead page 118B household 95
ROBINSON,Jennie(25)  Morehead page 118B household 95
ROBINSON,William(6)  Morehead page 118B household 95
ROBINSON,William(58)  Cross Roads page 107B household 51

ROE,Cornelius(33)  Cross Roads page 108A household 61
ROE,Rebecca(64)  Cross Roads page 108A household 61
ROE,Stevens(67)  Cross Roads page 108A household 61

ROYSE,Albert(9/12)  Christy Creek page 99A household 38
ROYSE,Alonzo(8)  Morehead page 115A household 43
ROYSE,Alvin(17)  Christy Creek page 99A household 38
ROYSE,Alvira(15)  Cross Roads page 111A household 109
ROYSE,America(3)  Cross Roads page 111A household 109
ROYSE,Barbara(56)  Christy Creek page 101A household 68
ROYSE,Benjamin(16)  Christy Creek page 101B household 68
ROYSE,Benjamin(29)  Cross Roads page 107B household 54
ROYSE,Benjamin(69)  Christy Creek page 101A household 68
ROYSE,Benjamin(9)  Cross Roads page 111A household 109
ROYSE,Charles(5/12)  Cross Roads page 105B household 22
ROYSE,Daniel(10)  Christy Creek page 99A household 38
ROYSE,Daniel(25)  Cross Roads page 110A household 92
ROYSE,Elizabeth(5)  Cross Roads page 107B household 54
ROYSE,Frankie (f)(22)  Christy Creek page 101A household 68
ROYSE,Franklin(37)  Morehead page 115A household 43
ROYSE,George(4/12)  Cross Roads page 111B household 109
ROYSE,Georgian(28)  Christy Creek page 98B household 32
ROYSE,Hiram W.(40)  Cross Roads page 111A household 109
ROYSE,Ida(1)  Cross Roads page 107B household 54
ROYSE,Isadore (f)(12)  Morehead page 115A household 43
ROYSE,James P.(25)  Cross Roads page 105B household 22
ROYSE,Jane(14)  Christy Creek page 101B household 68
ROYSE,Joel(6)  Morehead page 115A household 43
ROYSE,John W.(27)  Cross Roads page 104B household 14
ROYSE,John(13)  Cross Roads page 111A household 109
ROYSE,John(7)  Christy Creek page 98B household 32
ROYSE,John(8)  Christy Creek page 99A household 38
ROYSE,Lydia(38)  Christy Creek page 99A household 38
ROYSE,Martha(24)  Cross Roads page 104B household 14
ROYSE,Martha(4)  Christy Creek page 99A household 38
ROYSE,Mary(10)  Cross Roads page 107B household 54
ROYSE,Mary(12)  Christy Creek page 99A household 38
ROYSE,Mary(17)  Cross Roads page 105B household 23
ROYSE,Melvina(27)  Cross Roads page 107B household 54
ROYSE,Moses C.(56)  Christy Creek page 99A household 38
ROYSE,Nancy(31)  Christy Creek page 101A household 68
ROYSE,Nancy(8)  Cross Roads page 107B household 54
ROYSE,Rebecca(30)  Cross Roads page 105B household 23
ROYSE,Rebecca(30)  Morehead page 115A household 43
ROYSE,Rebecca(56)  Cross Roads page 105B household 23
ROYSE,Sabra(21)  Cross Roads page 105B household 22
ROYSE,Sabry(31)  Cross Roads page 111A household 109
ROYSE,Sam McKee(3)  Cross Roads page 107B household 54
ROYSE,Sarah(14)  Cross Roads page 105B household 23
ROYSE,Sarah(5)  Christy Creek page 98B household 32
ROYSE,William(1)  Christy Creek page 98B household 32
ROYSE,William(14)  Christy Creek page 99A household 38
ROYSE,William(29)  Christy Creek page 98B household 32

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