Rowan County Kentucky Census Records

1870 Census of Rowan County, Kentucky

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Sorrel / Sorrell
Steagal / Steagall

SURNAMEGiven nameAge  Precinct & pageHousehold

SAUNDERS,Enroy (f)(23)  Pine Grove page 132A household 34
SAUNDERS,Isaac(29)  Pine Grove page 132A household 34
SAUNDERS,Isabella(6)  Pine Grove page 132A household 34
SAUNDERS,Isabinda(8)  Pine Grove page 132A household 34
SAUNDERS,Jasper(4)  Pine Grove page 132A household 34
SAUNDERS,Malinda(1)  Pine Grove page 132A household 34

SCOTT,Alexander(59)  Cross Roads page 110B household 96
SCOTT,Alexander(9)  Cross Roads page 110B household 96
SCOTT,Daniel(60)  Cross Roads page 110B household 96
SCOTT,Elizabeth(31)  Cross Roads page 110B household 97
SCOTT,Ellen(3)  Cross Roads page 110B household 96
SCOTT,Ellen(52)  Cross Roads page 110B household 96
SCOTT,Frank(7)  Cross Roads page 110B household 96
SCOTT,George(5)  Cross Roads page 110B household 96
SCOTT,J. Sarah(45)  Cross Roads page 111B household 110
SCOTT,James(30)  Cross Roads page 110B household 96
SCOTT,John(29)  Cross Roads page 110B household 97
SCOTT,John(6/12)  Cross Roads page 110B household 97
SCOTT,Mary(6)  Cross Roads page 110B household 97
SCOTT,Mattie(3)  Cross Roads page 110B household 97
SCOTT,Nannie(3)  Cross Roads page 110B household 97
SCOTT,R. G.(52)  Cross Roads page 111B household 110
SCOTT,Sarah(2)  Cross Roads page 110B household 97
SCOTT,Wade(4)  Cross Roads page 110B household 97
SCOTT,Walter(11)  Cross Roads page 111B household 110

SEXTON,Obediah(20)  Pearce page 122B household 12

SHORT,Annie(63)  Christy Creek page 103A household 92
SHORT,Charles(65)  Christy Creek page 103A household 92
SHORT,Henry(23)  Christy Creek page 103A household 92

SHOUSE,Deborah(50)  Pearce page 124A household 34
SHOUSE,Elizabeth(17)  Pearce page 124A household 34
SHOUSE,Joseph(15)  Pearce page 124A household 34
SHOUSE,Martha(19)  Pearce page 124A household 34
SHOUSE,Mary(12)  Pearce page 124A household 34
SHOUSE,Robert(52)  Pearce page 124A household 34

SMEDLEY,Aaron(19)  Pearce page 123A household 15
SMEDLEY,Daniel(12)  Pearce page 122B household 14
SMEDLEY,David(14)  Pearce page 122B household 14
SMEDLEY,Delilah(38)  Pearce page 122B household 14
SMEDLEY,Frances (f)(9)  Pearce page 122B household 14
SMEDLEY,Jackson(2)  Pearce page 122B household 14
SMEDLEY,Lucinda(24)  Pearce page 123A household 15
SMEDLEY,Mary(60)  Pearce page 122B household 14
SMEDLEY,Samuel(39)  Pearce page 122B household 14
SMEDLEY,William(5)  Pearce page 122B household 14

SMITH,Kate(14)  Cross Roads page 105B household 27

SORREL,Augustus(45)  Cross Roads page 105A household 20
SORRELL,Amanda(15)  Pearce page 128A household 93
SORRELL,Caleb(3)  Pearce page 127B household 82
SORRELL,Dora(15)  Pearce page 128A household 93
SORRELL,Edgar(1)  Pearce page 127B household 82
SORRELL,Isaac(25)  Pearce page 127B household 82
SORREL,John(11)  Cross Roads page 105A household 20
SORRELL,John H.(57)  Pearce page 128A household 93
SORRELL,Joseph(5)  Pearce page 127B household 82
SORREL,Joseph(18)  Cross Roads page 105A household 20
SORRELL,Laban(15)  Pearce page 128A household 93
SORRELL,Mahala(23)  Pearce page 127B household 82
SORRELL,Malvina(15)  Pearce page 128A household 93
SORREL,Margaret(39)  Cross Roads page 105A household 20
SORRELL,Milton(18)  Pearce page 128A household 93
SORREL,Mirtilly(4)  Cross Roads page 105B household 20
SORREL,Phebe(16)  Cross Roads page 105A household 20
SORREL,Samuel(6)  Cross Roads page 105A household 20
SORRELL,Scott(15)  Pearce page 128A household 93

SOULES,Charles(38)  Cross Roads page 105B household 21
SOULES,David(45)  Cross Roads page 105B household 21

SPARKMAN,James(4)  Morehead page 114A household 32
SPARKMAN,Martha(40)  Morehead page 114A household 32
SPARKMAN,Mary(2)  Morehead page 114A household 32
SPARKMAN,William(46)  Morehead page 114A household 32

SPENCER,John(28)  Cross Roads page 109A household 72
SPENCER,Leroy(5)  Cross Roads page 109A household 72
SPENCER,Nancy(25)  Cross Roads page 109A household 72

SPRINGER,Columbus(25)  Pine Grove page 132B household 43
SPRINGER,John(2)  Pine Grove page 132B household 43
SPRINGER,Ruth(24)  Pine Grove page 132B household 43
SPRINGER,Thomas(17)  Pine Grove page 130B household 11

STAMPER,Farlina(8)  Pearce page 124B household 46
STAMPER,George(15)  Pearce page 128B household 103
STAMPER,James(5)  Pearce page 124B household 46
STAMPER,Sarah(45)  Pearce page 124B household 46

STEAGAL,Catherine(6)  Christy Creek page 97A household 18
STEAGALL,Drinkard(68)  Pine Grove page 131B household 26
STEAGAL,Elizabeth(11)  Christy Creek page 97A household 18
STEAGAL,Gideon(17)  Christy Creek page 97A household 18
STEAGAL,Henry(9)  Christy Creek page 97A household 18
STEAGALL,James(7)  Pine Grove page 131B household 26
STEAGAL,Jesse(13)  Christy Creek page 97A household 18
STEAGAL,John(15)  Christy Creek page 97A household 18
STEAGALL,John(23)  Pine Grove page 131A household 23
STEAGAL,Lewis(45)  Christy Creek page 97A household 18
STEAGAL,Martha(4)  Christy Creek page 97A household 18
STEAGALL,Mary(11)  Pine Grove page 131B household 26
STEAGALL,Mary(20)  Pine Grove page 131A household 23
STEAGAL,Mary(38)  Christy Creek page 97A household 18
STEAGAL,Nathan(22)  Christy Creek page 97A household 18
STEAGALL,Priscilla(64)  Pine Grove page 131B household 26
STEAGAL,Wesley(21)  Christy Creek page 97A household 18

STEELE,Annie(20)  Pearce page 125B household 55
STEELE,Taylor(21)  Pearce page 125B household 55

STEINRODT,Joseph(36)  Cross Roads page 110A household 90

STEVENS,David(34)  Pearce page 122A household 4
STEVENS,Fidelia(27)  Pearce page 122A household 4
STEVENS,Inez(1)  Pearce page 122A household 4
STEVENS,Ruth(3)  Pearce page 122A household 4

STEWART,Alex(46)  Morehead page 115A household 47
STEWART,Arminta(23)  Morehead page 116A household 60
STEWART,Catherine(18)  Morehead page 116A household 60
STEWART,Charles(4)  Morehead page 115A household 47
STEWART,Crittenden(21)  Morehead page 116A household 60
STEWART,Cynthia(46)  Morehead page 116A household 60
STEWART,Elizabeth(11)  Morehead page 116A household 60
STUART [STEWART],Elizabeth(19)  Morehead page 116B household 62
STEWART,James(48)  Morehead page 116A household 60
STEWART,James(7)  Morehead page 116A household 60
STUART [STEWART],James(1)  Morehead page 116B household 62
STEWART,Logan(13)  Morehead page 116A household 60
STEWART,Martha(25)  Morehead page 115A household 47
STEWART,Mary(1)  Morehead page 116B household 60
STEWART,Mary(65)  Morehead page 113A household 23
STEWART,Nancy(6)  Morehead page 115A household 47
STEWART,Sarah(24)  Morehead page 113A household 23
STEWART,Wesley(5)  Morehead page 116A household 60
STEWART,William(15)  Morehead page 116A household 60
STEWART,William(3)  Morehead page 115A household 47
STEWART,William(70)  Morehead page 113A household 23
STUART [STEWART],William G.(22)  Morehead page 116B household 62

STICE,Eliza(28)  Morehead page 118A household 83
STICE,Phillip(20)  Morehead page 118A household 83

STILLWELL,Hannah(70)  Pine Grove page 134A household 57

SUTTON,Catherine(25)  Pearce page 126A household 61
SUTTON,Edward(27)  Pearce page 126A household 61
SUTTON,James(2)  Pearce page 126A household 61
SUTTON,John(4)  Pearce page 126A household 61

SWEENEY,Thomas(20)  Pearce page 125A household 48

SWIM,Alexander(62)  Cross Roads page 106A household 29
SWIM,David(6)  Cross Roads page 106B household 38
SWIM,Densy (f)(8/12)  Morehead page 119B household 106
SWIM,Elias P.(25)  Morehead page 114A household 35
SWIM,Eliza(24)  Pine Grove page 134B household 64
SWIM,Elizabeth(61)  Cross Roads page 106A household 29
SWIM,Emeline(12)  Cross Roads page 106B household 38
SWIM,Fannie(1)  Cross Roads page 106B household 38
SWIM,George(3/12)  Cross Roads page 106B household 35
SWIM,Henry(50)  Morehead page 119B household 107
SWIM,Isaac(22)  Pine Grove page 130A household 8
SWIM,Isaiah(1)  Cross Roads page 106B household 37
SWIM,James(15)  Morehead page 119B household 107
SWIM,Jedediah(25)  Morehead page 119B household 106
SWIM,Jeremiah(25)  Cross Roads page 106B household 37
SWIM,John(3)  Cross Roads page 106B household 35
SWIM,John(3)  Morehead page 114A household 35
SWIM,John(35)  Cross Roads page 106B household 38
SWIM,John(4)  Cross Roads page 106B household 38
SWIM,Juelda(25)  Morehead page 119B household 106
SWIM,Llewellyn(23)  Cross Roads page 106B household 37
SWIM,Louisa(25)  Cross Roads page 106A household 29
SWIM,Lydia(21)  Morehead page 119B household 107
SWIM,Martha(19)  Cross Roads page 106A household 29
SWIM,Mary(1)  Morehead page 114A household 35
SWIM,Mary(49)  Morehead page 119B household 107
SWIM,Mary(60)  Pine Grove page 133B household 53
SWIM,Minerva(4)  Cross Roads page 106B household 37
SWIM,Miriam(19)  Morehead page 119B household 107
SWIM,Oscar(1)  Cross Roads page 106B household 37
SWIM,Rebecca(24)  Morehead page 114A household 35
SWIM,Sarah(11)  Cross Roads page 106B household 35
SWIM,Sarah(36)  Cross Roads page 106B household 38
SWIM,Sarah(5)  Pine Grove page 134B household 64
SWIM,Thomas(6)  Cross Roads page 106B household 37
SWIM,Uthamia(32)  Cross Roads page 106B household 35
SWIM,William(2/12)  Pine Grove page 134B household 64
SWIM,William(34)  Cross Roads page 106B household 35
SWIM,William(9)  Cross Roads page 106B household 35

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