NameRev. James Henry Gregory, 1C4R
Birth29 Apr 1843, Kentucky
Death17 May 1918, Kentucky
FatherJohn Jameson Gregory (~1819-1885)
Marriageabt 1868
SpouseSarah Ann ("Sally") Caudill
Birth11 Aug 1849, Letcher Co., Kentucky
Death19 Apr 1920, Clearfield, Rowan Co., Kentucky
BurialGregory Cem, Upper Lick, Rowan Co., Kentucky
FatherHenry C. Caudill (1828-1882)
MotherElizabeth Jane Short (1830-1910)
BirthJan 1869, Kentucky
Death25 Nov 1944, Fayette Co., Kentucky
Birth10 Sep 1871, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death7 Nov 1954, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Birth24 Jan 1872, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death12 May 1939, Rowan Co., Kentucky
BirthMar 1875, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Birth31 Mar 1876, Rowan Co., Kentucky
SpouseSamuel Foster , 2C3R
Birthabt 1877, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Birthabt Jan 1880, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Birth24 Aug 1881, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Birth11 Oct 1882, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death9 Jan 1962
10 FRosa F. Gregory, 2C3R
Birth11 Aug 1886, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death15 Jun 1948, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Birth24 Jul 1888, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death20 Jun 1972, Greenup Co., Kentucky
SpouseLaura Peachy Hamm , 3C2R
Birth8 Jan 1890, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death5 Apr 1961, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Birth15 Feb 1891, Rowan Co., Kentucky
Death28 Apr 1976
Notes for Rev. James Henry Gregory
His death certificate records James H. Gregory, age 75 years 0 months 18 days, born 29 Apr 1843 in Ky, died 17 May 1918 in Rowan Co., Ky, married, farmer, father Jimison Gregory, birthplace don’t know, mother’s maiden name Miss Jones & don’t know given name, born in Ky, cause of death senile gangrene, informant Jas M. Gregory, burial in Gregory Cemetery.

He was also sometimes called John Henry. The name is seen both ways, with James for earlier records and John for some later ones. For example, it is James in the 1850 census, James H. in the 1860 census, and James Henry Gregory on the marriage record of his daughter Lizzie to Harvey Alfrey, but John Henry Gregory on his gravestone. When he signed marriage registers as the officiating clergy, he signed as Rev. J. H. Gregory. Some other records, e.g., the marriage record of his son Matt, just say Henry. It appears that as an adult he went by either Henry or J. H., and by the time of his death, his surviving children were not in agreement on what the J stood for.
Notes for Sarah Ann ("Sally") Caudill
Sarah's dates of birth and death are from her gravestone.
Census Notes for James Henry & Sarah Ann ("Sally") (Family)
1880 census of Rowan Co., Ky, lists as family #231:
Gregory, Henry, 40, farmer; Sarah A., 30, wife; Elizabeth, 11, dau; John, 9, son; Mirandy, 8, dau; Robert, 6, son; Henry J., 4, son; Mary A., 2, dau; Isabel, 5/12, dau. All born Ky Ky Ky.
According to Gary D. Lewis, the son Henry J. age 4 should be a daughter, Nancy J., born 31 Mar 1876.

1900 census of Rowan Co., Ky, Pearce precinct, enumerated 9 June, lists on p. 7A as family #108:
Grigory, James H., 56, b. May 1844; Sarah, wife, 52, b. Aug 1847, married 28 years, mother of 13 children, 13 living; Mary Susan, dau, 22, b. Oct 1877; Rebecca B., dau, 20, b. Nov 1879; Margaret M., dau, 18, b. Aur 1881; Henry F., son, 17, b. Oct 1882; Rosa F., dau, 15, b. Aug 1884; David S., son, 12, b. Aug 1887; James M., son, 11, b. June 1889; Fannie J., dau, 9, b. Feb 1891. All born Ky/Ky/Ky.

1910 census of Rowan Co., Ky, Pearcy precinct, enumerated 20 April, lists on p. 3A as family #32/35:
Gregory, J. Henry, 66, farmer; Sally, wife, 60, first marriage for both, married 42 years, mother of 13 children, 13 living. Both born Ky Ky Ky.
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