Black Birth Records of Rowan County, Kentucky

1856-1859, 1861





 Place & Notes

Franklin Daily, Hiram   10 Nov 1856 East Triplett
Henry Green, Thos   30 Dec 1856 Licking
Lucinda Milliam, George   20 Apr 1856 Rock Fork Triplett
Mascey (male) McGlesson, Eliza S. Mary 15 Mar 1856 Yiotis Creek
(male) Green, Sampson   1 Sep 1856 Bath County
Mary Green, S.   14 Feb 1856 Rowan
David William Green, Hiram   18 Oct 1856 Rowan
Charles Lewis Hargis, John   30 Jul 1856 Rowan County
Wilson, Catherine Wilson, Rebeca   11 Apr 1857  
Frank Wilson, Rebeca   4 Aug 1857  
James McGlossen, E. S. Mary 8 Oct 1858  
Charles Hawkins, J. R. Milla June 1858 Triplett
Walter Mascy Wilson, Rebeca Arbell 2 May 1858 Licking
Marinda Helen Wilson, Rebeca Mary 9 Nov 1858 Licking
(female) Richards, Liza J. Margaret 8 Dec 1858 E Triplett
Thomas Royse, Ben Ellen 10 Apr 1858  
John Mascy (stillborn) Green, Norrus Sally 17 Jun 1858  
Malinda Green, H. Edee 25 Sep 1858  
Mary Wilson, Rebecca Charlotte 15 May 1859  
Razor, Sarah E. Razor, George Jane 28 Jul 1861 mb Fleming Co.
Sally Robertson, Mary   24 Aug 1861  
Nancy Weaver, J. D. Helen 10 Jun 1861 mb Clark Co.
Lim (f) Green, Hiram Green, Eath 7 Oct 1861 fb Bath Co., mb Fleming Co.

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