White Birth Records of Rowan County, Kentucky

1856-1859, 1861, 1893

Sorted by Father : J through N





 Place & Notes

Jinnings, John Jinnings, John Fannen, Rachel 7 Apr 1856 Crany Creek
Jinning, Sytha A. Jinning, John Fanner, Rachel 12 Jul 1859 fb Tennessee mb Morgan Co.
Johnson, Delila J. Johnson, B. F. Johnson, Emily J. 30 Jan 1856 North Triplett
Johnson, Mary Drusella Johnson, B. F. Johnson, Emily 26 Jun 1858  
Johnson, M. R. Z. (f) Johnson, B. F. Johnson, E. J. 18 Apr 1861 f&mb Fleming Co.
Johnson, N. P. I. (f) Johnson, Benjamin Moor, Ruthy 22 Apr 1857  
Johnson, James H. Johnson, B. G. Lee, Lucy J. 18 Oct 1856 North Triplett
Johnson, A. S. (m) Johnson, B. G. Lee, Lucy J. 1 May 1858  
Johnson, Charles M. Johnson, G. B. Lee, Lucy J. 20 Jul 1861 f&mb Fleming Co.
Johnson, B. E. (f) Johnson, John W. Yeazle, Nancy 8 Feb 1857  
Johnson, J. B. Johnson, James Stephens, Lucretia 13 Oct 1857 [gender not specified]
Johnson, J. A. (f) Johnson, I. E. Johnson, Mary W. 11 Mar 1857 [maiden name is Nelson]
Johnson, Jesse A. Johnson, Isaac E. Nelson, Mary W. 28 Mar 1856 East Triplett
Johnson, John B. Johnson, I. E. Nelson, Mary W. 26 Jul 1858  
Johnson, Malvina J. Johnson, J. W. R. Lee, Nancy 13 May 1858  
Johnson, Martha A. Johnson, Jefferson Sorrell, Rachel 28 Sep 1859 f&mb Bath Co.
Johnson, James S. Johnson, Z. P. Logan, Lucinda 4 May 1858  
Johnson, Isabel A. Adkins, Z. R. Saunders, Amanda April 1857 [probably a clerk's transcription error]
Johnson, W. H. C. (m) Johnson, Z. R. Saunders, Amanda 3 Apr 1861 fb Virginia, mb Fleming Co.
Jones, P. A. (f) Jones, Alfred Colvin, E. 1 Oct 1857 Rowan County
Jones, Fora A. Jones, Hiram Moor, Elizabeth 19 Mar 1856 Holly Fork Triplett
[Jones] (female) Jones, Isaac McDaniels, Jane 15 Apr 1856  
Jones, Elias P. Jones, I. N. McDaniel, Jane 28 May 1858 Crany
[Jones] (female) Jones, W. McDaniel, Jane 16 Nov 1861 fb Morgan Co., mb Fleming Co.
Jones, James W. Jones, James McClain, Emily 5 Apr 1856 Licking Rowan
Jones, Lucinda E. Jones, James W. McClain, Emily 23 Dec 1858 Licking
Jones, Isaac Jones, W. A. Myers, Barbary Ann 7 May 1858 Lick Fork
Jones, Greenberry Jones, Wm Jones, Barbary 5 Dec 1859 fb Bourbon Co., mb Morgan Co.
Jones, Marena Jones, Wm Myers, Barbary 7 Dec 1861 fb Bourbon Co., mb Morgan Co.
Keeton, Amanda E. Keeton, Allen Taber, Mary J. 26 Sep 1856 North Triplett
Keeton, Henry N. Keeton, A. Oxley, Mary J. 7 May 1859 fb Fleming Co., mb Cincinatti Ohio
[Keeton] (male stb) Keeton, Allen Oxley, Mary Jane 16 Oct 1861 fb Bath Co., mb Hamilton Co., Ohio
Kegley, James H. Kegley, J. J. Kegley, Mary E. 14 Apr 1893 fb Va, mb Ky
Kendall, James B. Kendall, Jesse 13 Jun 1861 fb Morgan Co., mb Greenup Co.
Kendall, Merrily Susan Kendall, Travis Dennison, Amandy M. 17 Apr 1858 Morgan
Kesseck, Wm I. Kesseck, John Reeves, Harriet 3 Mar 1856  
Kessick, W. D. Kesseck, John (?) Gavin, Cintheann 15 May 1858 Fleming
Kindall, David J. Kindall, Jesse Epperhart, Elizabeth 2 Sep 1859 f&mb Taswell Co. Va
Kirk, Lewis W. Kirk, Bluford Littleton, Nancy 29 Mar 1856 Christy Creek
Kirk, James A. (stillborn) Kirk, Bluford Jackson, Nancy 30 Aug 1858 Rowan
[Kirk] (female) Kirk, James Clark, Telitha 7 Oct 1861 fb Morgan Co., mb Fleming Co.
Kirkpatrick, Allen S. Kirkpatrick, Harvey Sandford, Martha 20 Jul 1856  
Larue, Helen M. Larue, J. F. Tirrell, Susan 13 Mar 1893 b. Carter Co., fb Floyd Co.
Lee, I. T. W. (m) Lee, M. F. S. Hawkins, M. J. 22 Sep 1856 North Triplett
Lemasters, William J. Lemaster, Francis M. Fanning, Rosanna 23 Jun 1856 Miners Creek
Lewis, Leander Lewis, D. M. Secrets, Amanda E. 15 Oct 1857  
Lewis, Melvina Lewis, J. M. Secrest, Amanda E. 25 Nov 1859 fb Morgan Co., mb Fleming Co.
Lewis, I. T. (m) Lewis, E. P. Hunt, F. 2 Apr 1861 f&mb Morgan Co.
Little, Cliff E. Little, James Swim, A. D. 1 Dec 1893 fb Floyd Co., mb Rowan Co.
Littleton, E. J. (f) Littleton, William Jackson, Margaret 26 Sep 1857 Rowan County
Logan, Martha Ann Logan, E. H. Logan, Farolina 29 Jan 1856 Morehead
Logan, Minty Logan, E. H. Farlena 7 Jul 1858 [This is the county clerk and wife]
[Logan] (male stb) Logan, Henry S. Gray, Lucinda F. 6 Oct 1857  
[Logan] (male) Logan, Tobias Christy, Eliza 15 Jan 1857  
Logan, Thomas W. Logan, William Ham, Zettie 6 Mar 1893 f&mb Rowan Co.
Long, Elizabeth Long, James H. Wilson, Nancy 30 Oct 1857  
Manley, James F. Manley, A. R. Warren, Polly 5 Aug 1858 Scotts Creek
Markwell, James M. Markwell, James Markwell, Rebecca 18 May 1859 f&mb Fleming Co.
Markwell, Sary M. Markwell, James N. Williams, Sarah 10 May 1857  
Markwell, Lydia Markwell, James Razor, S. M. 23 Aug 1861 f&mb Fleming Co.
Mascey, Sarah E. Mascey, J. C. Purvis, Martha A. 12 Dec 1858 Rowan
McAnasly, Mary McAnasly, J. Atiknson, Sery 16 Aug 1858 Triplett
McCan, Emily A. McCan, John Brown, Elizabeth 31 Oct 1861 b Bath, fb Rush Co. Md, mb Fleming
McClain, David McClain, John Yarber, Lucy 22 Oct 1858 Rowan
McClain, John W. McClain, David Riddle, Lucy 4 Dec 1857 Triplett
McClurg, Caroline McClurg, B. I. McClurg, Sarah 4 May 1856 North Triplett
McClurg, Alabama McClurg, Josiah Evans, Hannah
[should be Enix]
14 Jan 1856 North Triplett
McDaniel, Jonah McDaniel, H. Cottle, Nancy 15 Feb 1858 Crany
McDaniel, Amanda S. McDaniel, John Conley, Sarah 11 Jan 1856 Christy Creek
McDaniel, Isaac H. McDaniel, John Conley, Sary Ann 29 Mar 1858 Crany
[McDaniel] (male stb) McDonald, George
(should be McDaniel)
Royse, Elizabeth 17 Sep 1857  
McGlossen, Alice H. McGlossen, J. W. Nelson, Ann 17 Feb 1859 fb Carter Co., mb Bath Co.
[McHilbert] (male) McHilberd (?), James Huit, Eliza 11 Jan 1858 Licking [entered in 1857 report]
McKinsey, W. (m) McKinsey, A. J. Alfrey, Louisa 21 May 1859 f&mb Fleming Co.
[McKinzie] (male) McKinzie, A. O. Alfrey, Louisa 8 Mar 1861 f&mb Fleming Co.
McKinny, N. C. (f) McKinny, Joseph Williams, N. C. 12 Jan 1857  
McKinney, Sally V. McKinney, Joseph R. Williams, Mary C. H. 1 Aug 1859 f&mb Bath Co.
McKenzie, J. W. (m) McKenzie, Joseph Williams, N. C. 19 Aug 1861 f&mb Bath Co.
McRoberts, W. J. McRoberts, Samuel Davis, Marinda 11 Dec 1859 fb Henry Co., mb Fleming Co.
McRoberts, G. W. (st m) McRoberts, J. Ham, Sarah 11 Mar 1861 fb. Ohio, mb Fleming Co.
[Montgomery] (female) Montgomery, Nathan Johnson, Nancy 18 Aug 1861 fb Letcher Co., mb Fleming Co
Moore, Eva L. Moore, John Calvert, Analiza 6 Oct 1893 fb Ky, mb Rowan Co.
[Moore] (male) Moore, J. D. Johnson, Americus 12 Oct 1893 mb Rowan Co.
Moore, Lizie J. Moore, George Gahart, Susan J. 19 Jan 1893 fb Virginia, mb Ky
Muse, Mary E. Muse, William Walts, Samirah 16 Feb 1856 Clear Fork Triplett
[Muse] (male) Muse, Wm Muse, Lamira 20 Jul 1857 Rowan County
Muse, Eliza A. Muse, W. D. Waltz, Servia Ann 22 Jun 1858  
Myers, Henryetta Myers, Alfred Ingram, Margaret 6 Apr 1856 Licking River
Myers, Casey Fine (f) Myers, Alfred Ingram, Margrett 17 Jan 1859 f&mb Bath Co.
Myers, Ann B. Myers, Alfred Ingrahm, Margaret 29 Aug 1861 f&mb Bath Co.
Myers, M. S. (f) Myers, Fielding Myers, L. 16 Jan 1857  
Myers, M. S. (f) Myers, Fielding Myers, S. 25 Jan 1857 [perhaps reported by two people?]
Myers, Aaron Myers, Fielden Myers, Lucinda 17 Dec 1859 fb Morgan Co., mb Fleming Co.
Myers, Edmund Myers, John Baily, Geneva 26 Nov 1861 fb Fleming Co., mb Bath Co.
Nence, Martha Nence, John W. Chintam, E. 19 Apr 1858 Rowan
Newman, Mary M. Newman, John W. Cooper, Matilda 28 Jul 1857 Rowan County
Nickell, Eunice M. Nickell, A. Oney, H. 13 Sep 1858  
Nickell, Miriam E. Nickell, Fowler Brown, Nancy 15 Jun 1859 f&mb Morgan Co. (censuses have Minerva)
Nickell, Mary C. Nickell, Robt Cogswell, Rachel 16 May 1856  
[Norris] (male) Norris, W. H. Logan, Lucy A. 1 Apr 1858  
[Norris] (male) Norris, William Logan, Lucy A. 4 Dec 1861 fb Bath Co., mb Fleming Co.

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