White Birth Records of Rowan County, Kentucky

1856-1859, 1861, 1893

Sorted by Mother : A through D





 Place & Notes

Day, Sarah M. Day, Thos Adams, J. S. 3 Dec 1861 fb Carter Co, mb Bath Co.
Caldwell, Elizabeth Caldwell, Jackson Adkins, Mary 27 Aug 1857 Triplett
Alderson, Della Alderson, Harvey Adkins, May 28 Aug 1893 fb W. Va, mb Rowan Co.
Ellis, William Ellis, Ballard Alderson, Sintha 14 Oct 1893 f&mb Va
Allen, Mary Allen, Samuel Olfrey, Elizabeth 11 Nov 1857  
Allen, Lewis Allen, Samuel Alfrey, Elizabeth 31 Dec 1859 fb Floyd Co., mb Fleming Co.
McKinsey, W. (m) McKinsey, A. J. Alfrey, Louisa 21 May 1859 f&mb Fleming Co.
[McKinzie] (male) McKinzie, A. O. Alfrey, Louisa 8 Mar 1861 f&mb Fleming Co.
Sparkman, Mary Jane Sparkman, John Amburgey, Febean 17 May 1858  
[Cornett] (male) Cornett, William B. Amburgey, Mary 17 Dec 1856 Dry Fork Triplett
Cornett, Robert R. Cornett, William Burgey, Mary
[should be Amburgey]
17 Dec 1857 [This is probably the same birth as above. A birth in Dec 1856 would be reported in Jan 1857, and if the reporter forgot to include the year, it could be misinterpreted. The 1860 census shows a son Robert age 3, and no other males under 6.]
Sanders, Detor (? m) Sanders, James Arnold, Mariah 1 Nov 1857 Fleming County
Plank, John B. Plank, John C. Arnold, Matilda J. 21 Aug 1858 N Triplett
Bailey, W. W. (m) Bailey, David Atchison, Melesa 13 Nov 1859 f&mb Bath Co.
McAnasly, Mary McAnasly, J. Atiknson, Sery 16 Aug 1858 Triplett
Green, John S. Green, Sampson Bailey, Eliza A. 18 Mar 1856 Licking
Myers, Edmund Myers, John Baily, Geneva 26 Nov 1861 fb Fleming Co., mb Bath Co.
Steagall, Jane Steagall, Gabriel Barker, Clora 1858  
Conn, G. C. (m) Conn, Josiah Barnett, F. 26 Dec 1857  
Caudill, Minta F. Caudill, William B. Boggs, Elizabeth 13 Dec 1893 fb Letcher Co., mb Carter Co.
Alfrey, Alfred W. Alfrey, A. H. Bradshaw, Mary 12 Jun 1859 fb Morgan Co., mb Bath Co.
Christian, Nancy Jane Christian, J. B. Branham, E. 13 Nov 1858  
Christian, W. T. (m) Christian, J. B. Branneman, Eliza 27 Feb 1861 f&mb Letcher Co.
Smedley, David S. Smedley, Saml sen Brown, Delila 21 Jul 1856 Licking
Smedley, Daniel B. Smedley, Samuel Jr. Brown, Delila 8 Aug 1858  
Smedley, J. B. (m) Smedley, Samuel Brown, Delila 3 Dec 1861 f&mb Morgan Co.
Cassity, Mahala A. Cassity, Thos Brown, Elizabeth 8 Jan 1856 Licking
Cassity, Martha E. Cassity, Norrus Brown, Eliza 18 Nov 1858 Licking
McCan, Emily A. McCan, John Brown, Elizabeth 31 Oct 1861 b Bath, fb Rush Co. Md, mb Fleming
Peirce, Martha A. Peirce, Wm B. Brown, Emily 4 Jul 1856 Licking
Pierce, Sempna H. (m) Pierce, W. P. Brown, Emily 9 Apr 1858 [child later known as Henry S. Pierce]
Enzor, G. W. (m) Enzor, N. Brown, Mary 9 May 1861 fb Bath Co., mb Morgan Co.
Nickell, Miriam E. Nickell, Fowler Brown, Nancy 15 Jun 1859 f&mb Morgan Co. (censuses have Minerva)
[Ramey], Brookin Ridge Ramey, George W. Burnett, Polly C. 11 Jan 1858 Minor
Robins, Clarabell Robison, James Butts, Mary A. 7 Dec 1856  
Abbott, Mary F. Abbott, Henry Byram, Matilda Jun 1856 Licking River
Moore, Eva L. Moore, John Calvert, Analiza 6 Oct 1893 fb Ky, mb Rowan Co.
[Cogswell] (male) Cogswell, Wm sen Kasky, Lydia 7 May 1856  
Cogswell, Martha J. Cogswell, Wm Caskey, Lydia 15 May 1858 Triplett
Cogswell, Betsy Cogswell, Wm Caskey, Lydia 2 May 1861 fb Fleming Co., mb Morgan Co.
Carry, Mary A. M. Carry, James Cassity, Elisa J. 25 Jul 1856 Triplett B County [Bath?]
Brown, Evaline Brown, John F. Cassity, Martha 12 Apr 1856  
Hunt, Willis S. Hunt, Oliver H. Cassity, Marthy 13 Jan 1856 North Licking
[Hawkins] (female) Hawkins, William M. Cassity, Rosena April 1858 Rowan
Caudill, Lilly M. Caudill, John H. Caudill, Emily 4 Aug 1893 f&mb Rowan Co.
Caudill, U. S. Caudill, B. F. Caudill, Lucinda 18 Jul 1893 f&mb Rowan Co.
Nence, Martha Nence, John W. Chintam, E. 19 Apr 1858 Rowan
Cornett, E. J. (f) Cornett, Davis Christian, Becca 13 July 1858  
Caudill, Mary Caudill, David Christian, Rosanna 23 Feb 1856 Dry Fork
Caudill, Sarah Caudill, David Christian, Rosanna 8 Aug 1857 Rowan County
Caudle, Robert Caudle, Robert Christian, Rose 18 Jul 1861 fb Harlan Co., mb Perry Co.
Trumbo, Isabel Trumbo, Thomas Christy, Celia 4 Apr 1856 East Triplett
[Logan] (male) Logan, Tobias Christy, Eliza 15 Jan 1857  
D Hart, Lucinda Dehart, Stephen Clark, Eliza 20 Aug 1858 Service
Riddle, George Riddle, Louis Clark, Mariah 4 Aug 1859 fb Bath Co., mb Morgan Co.
Richards, Artheniel E. Richards, Charles W. Clark, Susan H. 18 Mar 1856 East Triplett
[Kirk] (female) Kirk, James Clark, Telitha 7 Oct 1861 fb Morgan Co., mb Fleming Co.
Padget, Harriett Padget, Franklin Cock, Catherine 25 Dec 1858 Licking
Stephens, Marshall H. Stephens, W. H. Cogswell, E. 5 Aug 1858 [sex says "girl", but name is Marshall]
Ramey, Samuel Ramey, S. M. Cogswell, Emily 11 Sep 1859 fb Bath Co., mb Fleming Co.
Brown, Martha E. Brown, W. H. Cogswell, Jane 15 May 1861 fb Bath Co., mb Fleming Co.
Cogswell, W. P. (m) Cogswell, J. Cogswell, Polly Ann 15 Jul 1858  
Nickell, Mary C. Nickell, Robt Cogswell, Rachel 16 May 1856  
[Berger], M. C. Lafeatt Berger, G. W. Coil, M. 8 Apr 1857  
Power (Purvis?), Ian G. Power, John D. Coil, Martha 14 Nov 1857  
Jones, P. A. (f) Jones, Alfred Colvin, E. 1 Oct 1857 Rowan County
McDaniel, Amanda S. McDaniel, John Conley, Sarah 11 Jan 1856 Christy Creek
McDaniel, Isaac H. McDaniel, John Conley, Sary Ann 29 Mar 1858 Crany
Frazer, Harris M. Frazer, Dock Cook, Isabel J. 17 Feb 1857  
Newman, Mary M. Newman, John W. Cooper, Matilda 28 Jul 1857 Rowan County
Pigman, Nana Pigman, William Cornett, Darcus 5 Jul 1893 f&mb Letcher Co.
Turner, Robert H. Turner, John S. Cornett, Margaret 11 Sep 1857 Rowan County
Turner, J. C. (m) Turner, J. S. Cornett, Margett 19 Oct 1859 fb Harlan Co., mb Perry Co.
McDaniel, Jonah McDaniel, H. Cottle, Nancy 15 Feb 1858 Crany
[Swim] (stillb sex blank) Swim, A. M. Daily, Nancy A. 15 Oct 1856  
Swim, S. J. E. (f) Swim, A. M. Daily, N. A. 16 Oct 1857  
Purvis, John W. Purvis, M. G. Daily, Rebeca J. 15 May 1857 Triplett
Gray, Florence Gray, John M. Davis, Elizabeth J. 12 Aug 1856 North Gray
McRoberts, W. J. McRoberts, Samuel Davis, Marinda 11 Dec 1859 fb Henry Co., mb Fleming Co.
Hurst, Dezarah Hurst, C. H. Davis, Mary E. 4 July 1857 Triplett
Royse, Mary Susan Royse, M. C. Day, Lydia 4 May 1858 Crany
[Oreal] (male) Oreal, J. W. Day, Rhoda 25 Dec 1858  
White, Thomas W. White, N. Dehart, Louisa 6 Apr 1858  
Kendall, Merrily Susan Kendall, Travis Dennison, Amandy M. 17 Apr 1858 Morgan
Hawkins, Mary E. Hawkins, Marcus N. Dillon, Mary J. 3 Sep 1856 Triplett
Brown, N. G. (m) Brown, John Donahue, Virginia 29 Jan 1861 child & fb Morgan, mb Montgomery
Cassity, T. W. (m) Cassity, Stephen Dunaway, Elizabeth 29 Oct 1859 f&mb Bath Co.
Hall, Mahala J. Hall, George Riddle, Elizabeth*
[should be Downing, Susan]
2 Jan 1856 Licking
[birth records for Mahala J. Hall & John W. Hall were adjacent, and the mothers' names were transposed]
Hall, E. J. (f) Hall, George Downey 1 Jan 1857 [mother's name is Susan Downing]
Hall, Amanda S. Hall, George Dunaway, Susana
29 Dec 1859 fb Fleming Co., mb Bath Co.

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